Check Out 30+ of the World’s Wealthy Men & Their Beautiful Wives

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They say that there’s an amazing woman behind every great man. So, it stands to reason that there would be a pretty incredible woman behind some of the richest men on the planet, don’t you think? Well, unfortunately, not every one of the wives and girlfriends we’ll be talking about today is incredible — some may just be trophy partners. Or is the man the trophy? After all, isn’t it even more of a praiseworthy feat to snag a rich and famous person? We’ll let you decide on this list!

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

We’re sure we don’t have to tell you who Mark Zuckerberg is. But, you might not know about his beautiful wife, Priscilla Chan. The two of them met in 2003 during a “going away” party Zuckerberg was throwing for himself, believing that a certain prank website was going to get him expelled from Harvard.

Facebook // Priscilla Chan

That website was, of course, Facebook. Chan and Zuckerberg started dating before Facebook made it big, so anyone who calls Chan a gold digger would be sorely mistaken. Besides, she graduated from medical school and could definitely live comfortably on her own!

Evan Spiegal and Miranda Kerr

It’s a bit of an odd match — Spiegal is the co-founder of Snapchat, and Kerr is the founder of Kora Organics skincare, not to mention the first Australian model for Victoria’s Secret and the ex-wife of Orlando Bloom. But, despite their different worlds, the two married in 2017.

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The story is that they first met at the Museum of Modern Art in New York during a Louis Vuitton event where Kerr told Spiegal that her favorite song was “Spiegal im Spiegal” by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. Guess it was fate!

Salma Hayek and Gucci’s François-Henri Pinault

Hayek is wealthy by most anyone’s standards, but she’s not quite up there with the Pinault family fortune, which is upwards of $50 billion. The two of them met in 2006 during a Palazzo Grassi gala in Venice, and they got married in 2009, once in private and once again for the cameras.

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Was it all about the money? Or do they really love each other? Sad thing is, people never question the authenticity of love when it comes to those who aren’t wealthy. But hey, not everyone has the most respectable of motives!

Nicole Schuetz and Kevin Systrom

A lot of people erroneously assume that any girl on the arm of a wealthy guy is just a trophy who is there for her looks, but that’s just not the case most of the time. It certainly isn’t in the case of Nicole Schuetz — who founded her own clean energy investment firm, Sutro.

Instagram // @nicole

Of course, Kevin Systrom founded Instagram, so they’ve both go credit to their name. The two of them met at Stanford, their alma mater, and got engaged in 2014. Apparently, the proposal included Kevin faking the disappearance of their dog to lure Nicole to the right spot.

Elon Musk and Grimes

It takes a special kind of couple to name their child “X Æ A-12.” That couple would be the eccentric Elon Musk and his equally eccentric partner, Claire Boucher, professionally known in the music world as “Grimes.” These two are a little weird, but more power to them.

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Apparently, they bonded with each other over a joke involving 18th-century French art and an AI dystopia, so that should tell you all you need to know about the couple, really. We expect more android children to come from this wealthy couple as time progresses.

Nikita Kahn and Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is one of the richest men alive with a net worth of just over $120 billion. Nikita Kahn, who runs a real estate agency and is an animal rights activist, has been his girlfriend for over 10 years now.

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Why they don’t tie the knot is anyone’s guess, but it’s safe to say that they do really like each other — Ellison opened a Malibu restaurant named after Nikita, and you don’t just spend 10 years with a woman you don’t like if you could practically net anyone you want, right?

Penny and Phil Knight

You’d be surprised how many people don’t actually know who started and owns Nike, the unmistakable shoe empire. That would be Phil Knight, who started the imported shoe company Blue Ribbon Sports back in 1968. He didn’t do it alone, though.

Facebook // Penny Knight

Penelope Parks handled the administrative tasks back then, with the two of them getting married the same year she was brought into the company. A few years later, Blue Ribbon Sports was rebranded as Nike, and the rest is history.

Lucinda Southworth and Larry Page

Larry Page was co-founder of Google, so that’s all anyone needs to know about where his immense wealth came from. In 2007, he booked the entirety of a private island for his wedding with Lucinda Southworth, a research scientist and philanthropist.

Instagram // @marriedbiography

Southworth has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Informatics from Stanford. In 2018, the couple donated roughly $18 million to support the cause against Ebola in West Africa. Larry Page is no longer CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, but he’s still a controlling shareholder and board member.

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, so there’s really no explanation needed on why he was once the wealthiest man in the world (he’s still way up there, of course). In 2019, he went through an expensive divorce with his at the time wife, Mackenzie Scott.

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Now, he’s dating Lauren Sanchez, a licensed helicopter pilot who founded Black Ops Aviation, an aerial production and film company. She’s worked as a consultant on many movies requiring aerial shots, and also provided some of those shots for Blue Origin, Bezos’ aerospace company.

Ricky and Ralph Lauren

There are 50 years of marriage between artist and author Ricky Lauren and fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Ricky was working as a receptionist at an office in 1946 when Ralph came in for an appointment, after which the two decided to date. Apparently, Ralph proposed on literally their first date.

Shutterstock // Everett Collection

They didn’t actually get married until 1964, though, and the fashion brand we all know wasn’t launched until a few years after that. Ricky’s written five books, and together the couple owns quite a bit of property, making them pretty wealthy overall.

Joan Templeman and Virgin’s Richard Branson

There’s actually not a whole lot known about Joan Templeman, wife of Sir Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group. Supposedly, she was raised by a well-off ship carpenter in Glasgow, but still had to work several jobs to make ends meet before meeting Branson.

Facebook // Richard Branson

When they did meet, Templeman was still married to Ronnie Leahy, but that didn’t stop Branson from wooing her with a helicopter ride above Necker Island, where the couple still lives today after Branson bought the place in 1978.

Michael and Susan Dell

These two met each other on a blind date in 1988, before Dell became a huge name in computers. It was the same year Dell Computer Corporation went public, and they got married a year later in 1989. Susan had a bit of credit to her name as well, however.

Facebook // My Publicist

She’s particularly athletic, having participated in numerous marathons, cycling races, and so on, and she also ended up founding three fashion brands — including the luxury brand Phi. She’s even a board member of the scientific research Cooper Institute. The couple has four children.

Hélène Mercier and Bernard Arnault

Sometimes, two people of near equal renown come together. Hélène Mercier is an internationally known concert pianist who first met Bernard Arnault, a French fashion tycoon, at a dinner party in 1989. Apparently, Arnault decided that he was going to play piano for her at that party — quite the bold move.

Instagram // @citychic4ever__

The two of them married in 1990, and Arnault surpassed Jeff Bezos as the richest man in the world in 2021. Mercier herself still has quite a busy schedule, playing nearly 20 concerts a year and spending two to six hours every day practicing her craft.

Wendy Schmidt and Eric Schmidt

Wendy Schmidt, past interior designer and current philanthropist and investor, has been married to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt since 1980. The couple spends most of their time and money to further their philanthropic goals, having founded a number of foundations and initiatives.

Instagram //

Wendy is currently the president of the Schmidt Family Foundation while also being a competitive sailor. Eric has retired from his positions related to Google, but still has an impressive net worth of around $24 billion.

Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani

It was back in 1985 when Nita Dalal, a trained Bharatanatyam dancer, married into India’s wealthiest family. That would be the family of Mukesh Ambani, CEO of Reliance Industries. His net worth is approximately $90 billion.

Instagram // @officenitaambani

But, Nita has her hand in the business world as well. She’s a board member of both Reliance Industries and East India Hotels, and she’s even the co-owner of the cricket team Mumbai Indians. She’s also the founder and chairperson of Dhirubhai Ambani International School.

Connie and Steve Ballmer

These two have been married since 1990, and have three children together. Steve has received some relatively recent praise for his philanthropic efforts, but Connie has been around the block on that front much longer than him, and she actually believes he has to catch up to her.

Facebook // Steve & Connie ballmer foundation

Connie is the co-founder of Ballmer Group, a foundation dedicated to improving economic mobility for American families that need it. She also serves as a founding investor at Blue Meridian Partners and is on the board of the Obama Foundation, the Los Angeles Clippers Foundation, and StriveTogether.

Diana Taylor and Michael Bloomberg

Diana Taylor is the former New York superintendent of banks and is often referred to as the “First Lady of New York City.” Since 2000, she has been in a relationship with Michael Bloomberg. They met at a business luncheon at which Bloomberg spoke, and coincidentally, they ended up eating at the same restaurant afterward.

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Diana Taylor possesses a public health degree and an MBA. She worked on Wall Street and has performed many important roles, including being deputy secretary to former New York Governor George Pataki, Vice President of KeySpan Energy, Vice-Chair of Solera Capital, and Managing Director at Wolfensohn Fund Management.

Elissa Patel Waverly and Brian Chesky

Not all stories start out super romantic. Waverly and Chesky apparently liked the look of one another on Tinder in 2013, and that was the start of their still steady relationship. Waverly was a community marketing manager for the selfie app Frontback, a marketing operations consultant for Mercatus, and an account executive for WePay.

Shutterstock // Eugene Powers

Recently, though, she’s forgone her marketing career to focus on her artistic skills, using her brand East Darjeeling to help out local talent and donate to communities in need around the world.

Jennifer and Dan Gilbert

Jennifer Gilbert, an interior designer, first met Dan Gilbert — co-founder of the mortgage lending company Quicken Loans — when she was designing his office. Talk about fate! Jennifer took a break from her career when the kids started coming (they have five) but stepped back up to the plate when the youngest entered preschool.

Instagram // @msuinnovation

Jennifer Gilbert also founded the online interior design resource Doodle Home in 2010, as well as Amber Engine, a home furnishings company in Detroit, in 2015. Together, the couple founded the Gilbert Family Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to finding a cure for neurofibromatosis, which affects one of their children.

Lady Deirdre Dyson and Sir James Dyson

Long before James Dyson became known for vacuums and whatnot, he and Deirdre Hindmarsh met at the Byam Shaw School of Art in 1966. Two years later, they were married. Before James made it big with his inventions, Deirdre supported the family by teaching art.

Twitter // @thamesandhudson

Now, she’s a fine artist and fabric expert who has spent the last two decades designing contemporary carpets and rugs. She’s also a trained soprano who hosts an opera event for charity every year!

Pam Omidyar and Pierre Omidyar

Some women may be hunting for a cushy life, but that’s not the case with this couple, since they were sweethearts in college before Pierre Omidyar became super-rich thanks to eBay. There was a rumor that he set up the site to help Pam collect Pez dispensers, but that rumor has been dispelled.

Wikimedia Commons // PMO // CC BY 2.0

Pam is a co-founder of The Omidyar Network, a foundation that pushes for economic and social change, along with her husband. She’s also a board member of Humanity United, which aims to put an end to human rights abuses.

Warren Buffett and Astrid Menks

Age differences tend to not matter as much as you get older, but the difference between Buffet and Astrid Menks is 16 years and was probably a bit more noticeable when they first met back in the ’70s. At the time, Astrid Menks was a waitress.

Market Realist // KORI WILLIAMS

Warren Buffet is one of the world’s most well-known investors, though he’s far from the richest man in the world nowadays. It’s hard to compete with the likes of Bezos and others of his caliber and fame.

Claudia Barilla and Guy Laliberte

OK, so Guy Laliberte is not quite in the same league as some of the other wealthy men on this list, but he’s still a billionaire, thanks to this trade as an investor and impressive poker playing skills. He also co-founded Cirque de Soleil.

Pinterest // Eclectic Journey

His beautiful wife is Claudia Barilla, a model with whom Laliberte has two children. Unfortunately, she’s been pretty prudent about keeping her personal life private, so there’s not much we can actually say about her!

Laurene Powell Jobs and Steve Jobs

We suppose this is a little bit of a misnomer, seeing as how Steve Jobs is no longer with us. But Laurene was his wife at one time, and she most certainly inherited his wealth after his passing, giving her a net worth of approximately $20 billion.

(Left) Wikimedia Commons // Rhododendrites // CC BY-SA 4.0 | (Right) Shutterstock // Featureflash Photo Agency

Laurene is also the founder of the “Emerson Collective,” an organization that supports reform for immigration, education, and environmental policies.

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall

Lots of people probably remember that Jerry Hall was in a relationship with rock legend Mick Jagger from 1977 to 1999, but in 2016, she ended up getting married to Rupert Murdoch, the CEO of Fox News who has a net worth of about $12.5 billion.

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We suppose this makes Jerry Hall particularly impressive since she managed to marry two very famous men. The fact that they both have a lot of money is probably a nice bonus in her eyes.

Fabiana Flosi and Bernie Ecclestone

We suppose that a net worth of $4 billion might seem a little small compared to fortunes like Buffet’s or Bezos’, but a billionaire is a billionaire — and we doubt Fabiana Flosi, wife of Formula One Group CEO Bernie Ecclestone, is complaining.

Shutterstock // Featureflash Photo Agency

Unfortunately, Flosi’s personal life is not very well known, so there’s not a whole lot we can conclusively say about her other than the fact that she’s quite beautiful. Well, that and the fact that she’s 46.

Steve Wynn and Andrea Hissom

Combined, this couple has an estimated net worth of approximately $3 billion. Andrea Hissom and Steve Wynn are often considered one of the most notable and charismatic power couples in Las Vegas.

Pinterest // @IRW48

The two of them were married in 2011, and they have a son named Nick. Unfortunately, Andrea Hissom’s most notable facet is her status as a British socialite — other than that, people mostly know her for being Steve Wynn’s wife.

Mark Pincus and Alison Gelb

Alison Gelb is the co-founder of a home décor website named “One Kings Lane,” though she’s also known for being married to Mark Pincus, founder of Zynga Incorporated, since 2007. Together, they have a net worth of about a billion dollars.

(Left) Wikimedia Commons // Joi // CC BY 2.0 | (Right) Instagram // @alisonpincus

One billion dollars might seem relatively small compared to everyone else on this list, but for the likes of us, we can’t help but know how it feels to not have a billion dollars — which is still super rich compared to most of the population.

Julie Chen and Les Moonves

Despite all the scandals related to Les Moonves, we’d be remiss to not mention the beautiful Julie Chen while talking about the wives of rich men, though the CBS CEO was “only” estimated to be worth around $300 million when they got married in 2004.

Shutterstock // Kathy Hutchins

Julie Chen herself is a very popular producer, news anchor, and talk-show host, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to find that she married one of the biggest names in the television industry.

Jade Foret and Arnaud Lagardere

Jade Foret apparently had the makings of the legendary model she is today at a young age, as she landed her first modeling career at age 12. As for Arnaud, he’s the CEO of MMB, a multi-million dollar company, and he also owns Warner Books, which was previously owned by Warner Bros.

Instagram // @arnaudlagardereofficial

There was a bit of controversy surrounding these two when they first got together, but only because the media was blowing a bit of personal affection between them out of proportion, though they had only known each other for six months at the time.

Kristy Hinze and Jim Clark

As you may imagine, a lot of rich men are married to models. Australian model Kristy Hinze has done a fair bit of modeling for Victoria’s Secret catalogs, and she’s married to the owner of Netscape, Jim Clark. It’s worth noting that there’s a significant age gap between the two of them.

Twitter // @kristyhinze1

Far be it from us to claim that love can’t be real with a 30-year age gap between two people, but we can’t deny that it does make us wonder. Maybe that’s being unfair.

Katsia Zingarevich and Anton Zingarevich

Katsia Zingarevich is another model who apparently had potential when she was a little girl when she was approached by a modeling agent (that’s actually a little weird). She ended up modeling for Victoria’s Secret around 2010, close to when she met her current husband Anton.

(Left) YouTube // Reading Football Club  | (Right) Instagram // katsia_d

Anton Zingarevich was once the owner of an association football club known as the Reading F.C., and he had a net worth of about $5 billion before retiring. Pretty good for just owning a football club!

Oleksandra Nikolayenko and Phil Ruffin

We don’t want to question the romantic integrity of a relationship based solely on age, but Phil Ruffin — who owns casinos, real estate, oil production companies, and greyhound race tracks in Vegas — is 86, and his wife, Ukrainian actress and model Oleksandra Nikolayenko, is 40.

(Left) Kansas // Wichita Billionaire Phil Ruffin | (Right) Shutterstock // Denis Makarenko

The situation kind of just screams “trophy wife.” Or perhaps Ruffin is the trophy husband? After all, we imagine that Nikolayenko gets to live a pretty comfortable life in this arrangement. But who knows, maybe they really do just love one another?

Devon Aoki and James Bailey

You may remember Devon Aoki from 2 Fast 2 Furious. She’s a successful model and she’s even starred in movies like Sin City and Mutant Chronicles, but she’s probably best known for being married to James Bailey, hedge fund billionaire and business analyst.

Shutterstock // s_bukley

Fun fact about Devon Aoki — apparently she didn’t actually know how to drive when she was on set for 2 Fast 2 Furious, and she had to learn for the sequel. How she reached her age without learning that skill, we have no idea.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Admittedly, Ivanka Trump is probably better known for who her father is, rather than what she does or who she is married to. Ivanka has done some modeling before and is married to Jared Kushner, who’s a billionaire real estate investor and the publisher of the New York Observer.

Shutterstock // Ovidiu Hrubaru

Now that the Trump presidency is over, Ivanka may have a chance to escape from the shadow of it, be it good or ill, and be recognized more as her own individual — but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen much when you’re the child of such a controversial character.

Kirsty and Ernesto Bertarelli

We suppose this is a bit misleading, as the two people in question divorced recently. But, they were married for 21 years and Kirsty is now one of the wealthiest women in the UK, so we feel that she still warrants mentioning. Ernest Bertarelli had inherited the biotech company Serono in 1996, leading to their wealth.

Instagram // @kirstybertarelli

Supposedly, they had an amicable split as far as their divorce is concerned, with former model Kirsty coming out of it with quite the financial settlement, villa included. As for why exactly they split up, that’s anyone’s guess.

Sindika Dokolo and Isabel Dos Santos

Sindika Dokolo had an interesting pedigree that involved being half Danish and half Congolese, and he was an avid proponent of resurrecting the often overlooked beauty of African art. However, it was his wife Isabel Dos Santos that made him a billionaire by proxy, thanks to smart investments and business decisions.

Instagram //

Unfortunately, Sindika Dokolo passed away about a year ago, leaving Isabel Dos Santos alone. It’s a shame that money really can’t buy happiness, because no amount of wealth is going to make that kind of thing any more bearable.

Elaine Andriejanssen and Eduardo Saverin

Everyone knows Mark Zuckerberg, but Eduardo Saverin was also a major player in getting Facebook off the ground, and he too is a billionaire. Oddly enough, he also has a very attractive Asian wife, Indonesian Elaine Andriejanssen, who used to be a Quantitative Research Analyst for Franklin Templeton Investments.

Facebook // Eduardo Saverin

Apparently, people thought that Saverin was going to marry Miss Singapore Universe 2009 Rachel Kum, but he bamboozled all of those folks and got hitched to Elaine instead. What influenced his decision? Who can know?

Aleksandra and Andrey Melnichenko

Aleksandra Melnichenko was a member of a Serbian pop group called the Models when she was 17. After separating from the group, she became a fashion model and ended up posing in both advertising campaigns and television gigs. Today, she’s married to Russian billionaire industrialist Andrey Melnichenko.

(Left) Wikimedia Commons // SUEK JSC // CC BY-SA 4.0 | (Right) Wikimedia Commons // Lunaabadgonzalez // CC BY-SA 4.0

The two of them are pretty well-known for suing other people, though it’s usually justified — one time, they sued the previous owners of a luxury apartment for defects, and they sued an art dealer for selling them a misleading sculpture.

John Paul Dejoria and Eloise Broady

At some point, we have to get into the rich men who might not be quite as well-known as some of the others. For instance, John Paul Dejoria, co-founder of the John Mitchell brand of hair products — not as well known as some, but still wealthy by normal standards.

Shutterstock // Kathy Hutchins

His wife is Eloise Broady, an American producer, actress, model, and philanthropist, most well-known for Weekend at Bernie’s. She should also be known for looking really good at age 64, in our opinion.

Thelma and David Steward

As of 2021, David Steward had a net worth of approximately $3.7 billion, thanks to being the founder and chairman of IT provider World Wide Technology. His wife, Thelma Steward, has been by his side for more than 40 years.

St. Louis Today // Deb Peterson

Apparently, running companies is part of the family bloodline, because their children — David L. Steward II and Kimberly Steward — are both CEOs of their own companies as well, Polarity Ltd and K Period Media, respectively.

Patrice Motsepe and Precious Moloi-Motsepe

In 2008, Patrice Motsepe from South Africa became the first black billionaire on the Forbes list. Most of his wealth came to him through his own company, African Rainbow Minerals, though he also owns shares in an investment firm.

Motsepe Foundation

Precious Molo-Motsepe married Patrice back in 1989, but she has other noteworthy credits to her name, having made her mark in the world of fashion and being the chancellor of the University at Cape Town.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Despite the popularity of hip-hop, the genre didn’t actually generate its first billionaire in 2019, at which time the honor went to Jay-Z. Of course, we’re sure his investments in other areas helped as well, but either way, his net worth surpassed a billion dollars in 2019.

Flickr // Rwoan

As for Beyoncé, well… come on, we don’t really have to tell you anything about her, right? Let’s just say that she could probably do just fine in the monetary department even if she wasn’t married to Jay-Z.

George Lucas and Mellody Hobson

For some reason, George Lucas doesn’t come to mind for many people when it comes to wealthy men, but he does have a net worth ranging in the several billions. He also has a beautiful wife, Mellody Hobson of Ariel Management Company. They were wed in 2013.

Shutterstock // DFree

On an interesting note about their relationship, their daughter was conceived in 2013 via gestational carrier. Then again, it’s not hard to imagine why that may have been necessary for the couple to have their own child.

Bill and Melinda Gates

By now, everyone knows that Bill Gates and his once upon a time wife Melinda have divorced. But, considering that Bill Gates is an immensely wealthy man and they were married for 27 years, we feel that Melinda still fits here.

(Left) Shutterstock // Frederic Legrand – COMEO| (Right) Facebook // Melinda French Gates

She may not be his wife anymore, but being married to one of the richest men in the world for that long kind of cement your identity as such a wife in the minds of the world. Of course, she’s pretty wealthy herself now, considering the divorce.

What the Wives of 35+ Actors Who’ve Broken Millions of Women’s Hearts Look Like

(Left) Facebook // Emma Heming Willis | (Right) Shutterstock // DFree

We’ve all spent plenty of time swooning over actors. Whether it’s the muscly Matthew McConaughey, the sweet Paul Rudd, or the dashing Mahershala Ali—and who can blame us? But do you ever wonder who these leading men actually date? Well, we’ve rounded up a list of the partners of Hollywood’s most dashing men. Join us as we meet the wives and girlfriends of some of the actors who’ve broken millions of hearts.

Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker

Some of the actors on this list are very private. And really, we can’t blame them. Who wants long-lens cameras poking out from bushes? Or people running after your car? Not us.

Tumblr // His-Catness-Tchalla

Actor Adam Driver married actress Joanne Tucker in 2013. At one stage they welcomed a son and managed to keep him on the down low for a whopping two years! The only reason the secret was spilled was that Driver’s co-star Channing Tatum slipped up.

Jesse Eisenberg and Anna Strout

Anna Strout was actor Jesse Eisenberg’s longtime girlfriend as they dated for a decade after meeting on a movie set. However, they then split while the star dated his co-star, actress Mia Wasikowska, from 2013-2015.

Facebook // JesseEisenberg

Despite their brief split, it looks like things were meant to be for this pair. They ended up getting back together and tied the knot in 2017. They’re now parents to son Banner and have been spotted volunteering at a domestic violence shelter in NYC.

Henry Golding and Liv Lo

First up we have British-Malaysian actor Henry Golding. The star is best known for playing Nick in Crazy Rich Asians, and for starring in A Simple Favor alongside Blake Lively.

Facebook // Henry Golding

Henry Golding met Taiwanese TV presenter and yoga teacher Liv Lo in 2011. The couple got married in 2016 and welcomed their daughter, Lyla, in 2021. Since then, the actor has commented that being a father “puts everything in perspective.” He said, “It has allowed me to really kind of focus on what really matters in life.”

Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian

When Breaking Bad hit TV screens, it made stars out of its entire cast. In particular though, fans loved Aaron Paul as the chaotic yet lovable Jessie Pinkman. Critics loved him too, and he took home the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor three times.

Instagram // @laurenpaul8

In his personal life, Aaron Paul has been married to actress and director Laura Parsekian since 2013. They met at Coachella and later married in a Parisian carnival themed ceremony. The couple’s daughter, Story Annabelle, was born in 2018.

Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart has appeared in many movies and released various comedy albums. The Pennsylvania born star has been married twice, and faced some cheating allegations within his second marriage.

Facebook // Kevin Hart

The comic married Eniko Parrish in 2016 in California. The couple welcomed a son, Kenzo Kash, in 2017, and a daughter, Kaori May, in 2020. Shortly after the birth of their first child, Kevin Hart publicly admitted to cheating on his pregnant spouse. In 2021, they’re still going strong.

Riz Ahmed and Fatima Farheen Mirza

British actor Riz Ahmed is recently married to author Fatima Farheen Mirza. The newlyweds got hitched in 2020 in a secret lockdown wedding. The actor recalled, “We did it in a backyard, which is nice in lots of ways. And I think the nicest thing about it was you didn’t have 500 aunties hanging around you, pinching your cheeks.”

Instagram // @ffmirza

At the 2021 Academy Awards, the couple made viewers swoon when Ahmed stopped to fix his wife’s hair. Couple goals!

Matt Damon and Luciana Bozán

Now here’s an established Hollywood couple. Actor Matt Damon met his wife to be when he was filming a movie in Miami. Two years later, Damon and Luciana Bozán got married in Manhattan. Together, the couple have three daughters named Isabella, Stella and Gia. And Luciana has a daughter, Alexia Barroso, from her previous marriage.

Instagram // @mattdamonfansss

Talking about how they met, Damon said “I literally saw her across a crowded room and eight years and four kids later, that’s my life.”

Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink

He’ll forever be one half of MerDer for some of us, but Patrick Dempsey actually has a wife in real life. Shocking, we know. The dashing actor married Jillian Fink in 1999 and the pair are still going strong.

Instagram // @patrickdempsey

Jillian was actually Patrick’s hairstylist for three years before they eventually got together. Now they have three kids together—daughter Talula, and twin sons Sullivan and Darby. Though they did file for divorce in 2015, they later reconciled and called the whole thing off. Phew!

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming

Though he was in a high profile marriage with actress Demi Moore, actor Bruce Willis has long since moved on. Of course, he still appears in family snaps with Demi and their daughters, but he’s been happily remarried since 2009.

Facebook // Emma Heming Willis

Bruce Willis’ wife is English-American model Emma Hemming. Perhaps unsurprisingly she is 23 years younger than her movie star husband. They tied the knot at a stunning ceremony in Turks and Caicos. Together, the couple share daughters Mabel and Evelyn.

Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara

It only makes sense that actors sometimes gravitate to other people that work in their industry. That’s definitely the case with actors Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara. The couple met while working on a movie together in 2012 but didn’t get together romantically for four years.

Instagram // @rooney.mara

Joaquin and Rooney, who have an age gap of 11 years, announced their engagement in 2019, but haven’t walked down the aisle yet. However, they do share a son, named River, who was born in 2020.

Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney

Who can deny the cuteness of actor Mark Ruffalo? No matter what role he plays, we just want to look at his sweet face and walk into the sunset. The star married Sunrise Coigney back in 2000 and they’ve been going strong ever since. When they first met, he was down and out and she encouraged him. He has said, “I don’t know if I would have made it without her.”

Facebook // Mark Ruffalo

Together, the couple have three kids—son Keen daughter Bella and daughter Odette.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

For decades, actor George Clooney was Hollywood’s ultimate bachelor. Most of us thought the silver haired fox would never settle down. However, Amal Alamuddin proved us all wrong.

Shutterstock // Andrea Raffin

In 2014, George Clooney married Lebanese-British human rights lawyer Amal in Venice. Three years later, the couple welcomed twins Ella and Alexander. Since marrying her famous hubby, Amal has been praised for her chic style. The Clooneys bought themselves a private island on the River Thames where they live in a stunning mansion.

Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom

Truly, Andy Samberg’s wife only makes us love him more. The actor married musician Joanna Newsom back in 2013. He was a huge fan of her music before meeting her—how adorable!

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Samberg and his harpist wife live on a historical estate in LA and also own a Manhattan property. Together they have a daughter, who was born in 2017. The actor has shared that over lockdown they spent time as a family, “sitting out in the sun or something, dancing in the kitchen.”

Mads Mikkelsen and Hanne Jacobsen

Though he makes a very convincing cannibal, Mads Mikkelsen is also a striking leading man. The Danish star was originally a gymnast and dancer, but then became a successful actor in Denmark. Mikkelsen has been with his wife, choreographer Hanne Jacobsen, since 1987.

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Mads Mikkelsen and Hanne Jacobsen got married in 2000 and have two children together—daughter Viola, and son Carl. This long lasting couple live in Denmark but also spend time in Majorca, Spain. Sounds delightful!

Mahershala Ali and Amatus Sami Karim

Actor Mahershala Ali and Amatus Sami Karim have known each other for a very long time. It’s thought that the private couple got married in 2013. Together, the couple have a daughter named Bari Najma who was born in 2017.

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When Mahershala Ali won his first Academy Award, he said in his speech, “Lastly, I want to thank my wife, who was in her third trimester during the awards season, we just had a daughter four days ago.”

Christian Bale and Sibi Blažić

From one Oscar winner to another, next up is English-American actor Christian Bale. The star married his wife, former model Sandra “Sibi” Blažić, in 2000 and they’re still together. The couple share two kids—Emmaline and Joseph.

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Christian Bale has revealed, “Everyone was divorced in my family so I didn’t have very healthy ideas about marriage. Then I met Sibi and suddenly it seemed a fantastic idea.” Amazingly, Sibi worked as a stunt driver on one of Bale’s movies.

Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger

The adorable Paul Rudd is a different kind of Hollywood leading man. The star has appeared in comedies and superhero movies, as well as in beloved TV series. Paul Rudd met his future wife Julie Yaeger in a publicist’s office right after his big break in Clueless.

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When the star left his backpack behind, Julie Yeager dropped it at his friend’s apartment. After that, Rudd asked her to dinner and they hit it off. The couple got married in 2003.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

There are plenty of people who would like to bag themselves a Hemsworth hunk. They’re undoubtedly some of the most coveted stars in the business, but some of them are taken for good. Actor Chris Hemsworth married wife Elsa Pataky in 2010.

Instagram // @chrishemsworth

Chris Hemsworth and Spanish model Elsa have three children together. Pataky has said of her husband, “He was always trying to be the best dad and has never failed to make me feel like his family is the most important thing to him.”

Oscar Isaac and Elvira Lind

Here’s another Hollywood hottie that’s broken millions of women’s hearts. Guatemalan born American actor Oscar Isaac has appeared in sci-fi thrillers, crime dramas and black comedies. The star married Danish director Elvira Lind in 2017. Together, the couple have two sons.

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The star realized he wanted to marry Elvira when he saw her care for his sick mother. He said he wanted “to be with this person forever and ever.” The couple have also worked on creative projects together.

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe

Perhaps your type is more of the award winning English gentleman. Actor Eddie Redmayne boasts an Oscar, a Tony, a BAFTA, and a Golden Globe. That’s not bad! The star tied the knot in 2014 with Hannah Bagshawe, who he had known for many years.

Instagram // @amazingeddieredmayne

The English couple went to neighboring boarding schools and struck up a friendship after a charity fashion show. The actor recalls, “She was very beautiful and very funny and she loves the arts and theater just as I do, so we became friends.”

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

We have to imagine that Camila Alves is a pretty well-known wife of a famous actor. Though not a celebrity herself, Brazilian-American Alves is a model and successful designer in her home country. Matthew McConaughey met the stunning Alves in 2006, and they walked down the aisle in 2012.

Instagram // @camilamcconaughey

Together, this happy couple share two sons named Levi and Livingstone. Unlike many of their celebrity peers, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves choose not to rely on nannies.

Eric Bana and Rebecca Gleeson

There are several leading men on this list that met their wives at work. Australian actor and comedian Eric Bana met his wife, Rebecca Gleeson, in the world of TV. She was a publicist working at various networks, and he was a TV star. They met in 1995 and married in 1997.

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Amusingly, Eric Bana was crowned Bachelor of the Year by a magazine in 1996 and used the trip to propose to Gleeson. The couple have two kids—son Klaus, and daughter Sophia.

Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre

As if we’d forget about English hunk Idris Elba. The star has been married three times, most recently to Somali-Canadian model Sabrina Dowhre. The couple got hitched in 2019 in a Marrakesh ceremony. Idris commented, “We started dating and I fell head over heels.”

Instagram // @sabrinaelba

In 2021 the couple announced they were launching a lifestyle brand together, including a blog, wellness products and a podcast. He has said of their relationship, “a partnership can bring out the best in you.”

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Nukâka

Naturally we also need to mention the handsome leading men of Game of Thrones. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who played the long-locked Jaime Lannister on the show, is married to Greenlandic actress Nukâka. The couple got married in 1997 and live in LA with their family.

Instagram // @nikolajwilliamcw

Actress and singer Nukâka is also a former Miss Greenland, and competed for her country in Miss Universe. The couple have two daughters named Philippa and Safina. The family have been spotted together at red carpet events.

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

These two make a handsome pair—we like to think of them as the British Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. That works, right? Actor Jason Statham has been in a relationship with model Rosie Huntington-Whitely since 2010. They got engaged in 2017 and have a son together, though they haven’t tied the knot.

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Jason, Rosie and son Jack Oscar Statham live in Beverly Hills. In 2021 the celebrity couple announced they’re expecting another baby. Yay!

Amelia Warner and Jamie Dornan

At one stage, fans of Jamie Dornan knew he was dating English actress Kiera Knightley. However, he’s actually been married since 2013. Who knew?! The Northern Irish star met English musician and actress Amelia Warner in 2010 and married her three years later.

Twitter // @SourceJamie

Together, Jamie and Amelia have three daughters. The little cuties are named Dulcie, Alberta and Elva. Speaking about lockdown with the family, the actor and former model said, “it’s kind of been the agony and the ecstasy in the same period of time.”

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

Much has been said about actor Hugh Jackman’s producer wife Deborra-Lee Furness. Unlike many of his peers who only date younger women, the Australian actor married a woman 13 years older than him. Go Hugh!

Instagram // @thehughjackman

Hugh and Deborra-Lee got engaged just four months after meeting on the set of a TV show. They’ve been married since 1996 and share two adopted children, son Oscar, and daughter Ava. Jackman has said of his wife, “Because that is my foundation, that is the rock.”

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter

The dashing Benedict Cumberbatch is also off the market. The English actor has been married to theatre and opera director Sophie Hunter since 2015. Their home must be awfully dramatic, what with all of their theatre experience.

Twitter // @cumberbatchcom

Benedict and Sophie were actually friends for 17 years before getting together. They got married in the Isle of Wight in 2015 and have since welcomed three sons. Christopher was born in 2015, Hal in 2017, and Finn in 2019.

Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian

Ah to be the woman that Dwayne The Rock Johnson settled down with. Can you imagine? The former wrestler and current movie star married Laura Hashian in 2019, and together they have two daughters. The star was married before, and has a daughter named Simone from this relationship.

Instagram // @therock

Dwayne and Lauren got hitched in Hawaii and live in LA. Their daughters have Disney inspired names—Jasmine, born in 2015, and Tiana, born in 2018.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone

You know the way we just mentioned those actors that only date younger women? Well Leonardo DiCaprio is one of them. While other leading men on this list have age appropriate partners, others will always date women at least several decades younger than them.

Quora // R M

We’ve seen Leo with Blake Lively and Bar Rafaeli in the past, but do you know his current beau? Apparently the star has been with Argentine-American model and actress Camila Morrone since 2017. Currently, he’s 46 while she is 24.

Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson

Now this is a Hollywood couple that have really stood the test of time. Actor Denzel Washington married Pauletta Pearson back in 1983 and they’re still standing! The devoted couple are parents to four children—John David, Katia, Olivia and Malcolm. In fact, you’ve probably seen John David starring in some movies of his own.

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When he accepted the American Film Institute’s life achievement award, Denzel Washington said, “I would not be alive without Pauletta Washington. I wouldn’t survive.”

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin

Here’s another Hollywood leading man with a much younger wife. Sylvester Stallone has been married three times in total, but third time was definitely the charm. The actor, director and producer was with model Jennifer Flavin since 1988, but broke up with her when model Janice Dickinson claimed to be pregnant with his child in the early 90s.

Instagram // @jenniferflavinstallone

After that, he got back with Flavin and they made it official in 1997. Now, the couple are parents to three daughters—Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet.

Vin Diesel and Paloma Jimenez

Next we turn to actor Vin Diesel, one of the world’s highest grossing stars. The actor is particularly private about his life and doesn’t give many interviews. He married Mexican model Paloma Jimenez in 2007 and they’ve gone on to have three kids together.

Facebook // Vin Diesel

Their daughter Hania was born in 2008, son Vincent in 2010, and daughter Pauline in 2015. The star’s youngest child is named in honor of the actor’s former co-star, the late Paul Walker.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

Here’s a relationship with an age gap in the other direction. Much like Australian star Hugh Jackman, actor Jason Momoa married an older woman. Actress Lisa Bonet, who was previously married to rocker Lenny Kravitz, is 18 years older than her hunky husband.

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People first thought that these two got hitched in 2007, but those guesses were out by an entire decade. Together, the couple have two kids—daughter Lola Iolani and son Nakoa-Wolf. Jason is also the stepdad to Zoe Kravitz, Lisa’s daughter.

Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Levin

Before marrying Susan Levin, actor Robert Downey Jr. was in a relationship with actress Sarah Jessica Parker, and then married to actress Deborah Falconer. His addiction issues affected both of these relationships, and he spent time in both rehab and jail.

Facebook // Robert Downey Jr

However, in 2003 the star met Susan Levin, a film producer. She turned him down several times but he persisted, and she eventually fell for him. They got married in 2005 and have two kids together, named Exton and Avri.

Kristofer Hivju and Gry Molvær

And now for some red-headed lovers! This striking pair are both Norwegian, one more familiar to us than the other. Of course, Kristofer Hivju played Tormund Giantsbane on Game of Thrones, leading many beard-loving ladies to fall for him.

Instagram // @khivju

The actor is married to journalist, producer and screenwriter Gry Molvær. Together they share two daughters named Noor and Sylja. Amusingly, several pictures were taken of the couple while they had an argument outside a restaurant in 2016. Hey, it happens!

Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead

We have another age gap here, this time with Scottish actor Ewan McGregor and his wife Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Ewan was married before meeting Mary, and had four daughters with his then wife Eve Mavrakis. Their relationship ended in 2017.

Instagram // @justjared

That same year, the actor met his new wife on the set of a TV show. Her marriage ended around the same time, so the couple probably had lots in common. Now they share a son, Laurie, born in 2021.

Vince Vaughn and Kyla Weber

In 2008, one of Vince Vaughn’s friends introduced him to Kyla Weber at a wedding. He has since said, “at first I was nervous to date her because it’s one of my best friends’ wife’s best friend from childhood…. If it goes wrong, you’re talking about awkward.” However, it went great, and they got married in 2010.

Shutterstock // Andrea Raffin

Now, Vince Vaughn and Kyla Weber have two kids together. He has described his wife as “a civilian” rather than a fellow A-lister.

Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick

Let’s give it up for actor Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick.These two got married in 1988 after meeting on a PBS set. Their relationship has lasted decades and they still proclaim their love publicly. It’s the most adorable thing.

Instagram // @kyrasedgwickofficial

For their 30th anniversary, the actor posted a video of the couple duetting together. He captioned the post, “30 years! I can’t believe it, @kyrasedgwick is the woman of my dreams and the music in my life.”

Samuel L Jackson and LaTanya Richardson

Our next pair are also in this for the long haul. Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson both went to nearby colleges and ended up crossing paths. They got married in 1980 and have been together for 50 years. How incredible!

Instagram // @ltjackson_

Together, Samuel and LaTanya have one daughter, named Zoe. LaTanya worked as an actress and producer and also set up a charity along with her husband. She has continued to star in movies and appeared on Broadway. The couple have also acted together.

Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley

Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley met while working together in 2009. The English actors got married in 2014 and went on to have two kids together. Much like our previous pair, these two have also starred together on-screen.

Instagram // @charlotterileysource

Tom Hardy is very private about his personal life, especially when it comes to his kids. He has said, “I will pose for you, and photos of me and my wife are fine. But if someone takes a photo of my kids, all bets are off.”

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry

When they tied the knot, actor Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry really went for it. The couple got married in 2019 in Hawaii, and celebrated their engagement before that on safari in South Africa. We would have liked an invite!

Instagram // @keleighsperrynews

These two have been together since 2013 but like to keep their relationship on the downlow. The couple first met at an after party for the Black Keys. Teller recalls, “After we met, I knew she was the one.”

Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe

In a shocking turn of events, actor Sterling K. Brown and his wife Ryan Michelle Bathe are the same age! Has this ever happened in the history of Hollywood? The actors got married in 2007 but have known each other since college.

Instagram // @ryanmichelleb

After graduating from Stanford, Michelle got her MFA from NYU. Now that’s a smart lady! This cute couple are parents to two sons. In interviews, Brown has shared that he and Bathe think it’s important to show kids all aspects of marriage.

Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie

We close out our list of wives and girlfriends with Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie. Bizarrely, Woody Harrelson was married before, but only did it as a joke. However, when he and his first wife went to have their union annulled the marriage parlor was closed.

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Anyway, the star married Laura Louie in 2008. The couple met back in 1987 when Laura worked as Woody’s assistant. Now, they have three daughter together—Deni, Zoe and Makani. The Harrelsons reside in Hawaii.

Joseph Fiennes and Maria Dolores Dieguez

If you prefer your leading men dark and brooding, then perhaps you’re a fan of Joseph Fiennes. The English actor has been with his wife, Maria Dolores Dieguez, since 2009. The actor and Swiss-Galician model got married in Tuscany in a Catholic ceremony.

Shutterstock // Kathy Hutchins

Together, the couple shares two children, Sam and Isabel. The actor has said, “My greatest escape is being with my family or going on walks or busting out crazy moves to some Katy Perry song — so pretty normal dad stuff, I think.”