25 Celebrities Who Took Off Their Makeup And Showed Their Bare Faces

This article appeared in Thefashionball and has been published here with permission.

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Celebrities are basically paid to look good. And whether it’s on stage, on the big screen, or on the red carpet, they always have a ton of money – and professionals – to help them look better than the rest of us. We are used to famous people looking totally flawless, so it can be a bit of a shock when they post pictures of themselves with no makeup! But as the body positivity trend takes hold and more and more people embrace their natural beauty, celebs have jumped on the bandwagon and revealed just how great it is when you shed the mask and let the true you shine!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is not just a celebrity – she’s a force. Singer, actress, entrepreneur, there’s nothing this diva can’t do. She has kept herself in amazing shape throughout the years, so it’s no surprise that her makeup-free selfie was just as flawless as the rest of her.

(Left) Shutterstock // Kathy Hutchins | (Right) Instagram // jlobeauty

With her hair in a tousled top-knot and not a drop of makeup on her face, Lopez revealed just how beautiful she is without all the glitz and glam.

Ariana Grande

Without a doubt, pop star Ariana Grande was always a naturally beautiful girl. The 26-year-old started out her career when she was just a kid, and as she has matured throughout the years she has attempted to transform her style into something sexier and more grown-up.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Jason Merritt | (Right) Pinterest // Grace Destiny

But when she posted this makeup-free selfie, everyone was reminded of how young she actually looks; without the distraction of dramatic makeup, her flawless complexion and beautiful features take center stage.


Madonna is a pop music legend. Throughout the years, she has given the world some of the most iconic songs – and looks – setting the trends for nearly four decades. At 61 years old, it’s pretty incredible how she has managed to preserve her good looks and stay relevant – she has even released an album in 2019.

(Left) FilmMagic // Photo by Taylor Hill | (Right) WireImage // Photo by James Devaney

Equally impressive was her flawless makeup-free skin in this selfie she posted on Instagram. Her bright, smooth complexion rivals some people who are half her age.

Kim Kardashian-West

Reality show star Kim Kardashian-West rarely shows up anywhere without looking immaculately polished. So when she posted this makeup-free selfie revealing her less-than-perfect complexion, she shocked her fans.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Phillip Faraone | (Right) WireImage // Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix

But it was all for good reason: Kardashian-West was trying to foster awareness about her condition, psoriasis, an auto-immune disease that causes red, itchy patches to break out on the skin. Her bravery and honesty are sure to inspire many fans and others who suffer from the condition.

Carrie Underwood

Country star Carrie Underwood has certainly not had it easy when it comes to her face. Both her beauty and her career were jeopardized when she fell down the stairs at home, which resulted in more than 40 stitches going down her face.

(Left) FilmMagic // Photo by Jeff Kravitz | (Right) Instagram // @gcarrieunderwood

It was so severe, that Underwood couldn’t even sing, revealing, “I had stitches inside my mouth, outside my mouth. It was physically impossible.” We’re happy to see that just a couple of years later, she is fully recovered and rocking the no-makeup look.

Sofía Vergara

There’s no denying that Modern Family star Sofía Vergara is a total knockout. The 47-year-old Colombian-American is among the best-paid actresses in the world, and there’s no doubt that a sizable budget is dedicated to maintaining her naturally stunning looks.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Taylor Hill | (Right) Instagram // @sofiavergara

But the actress surprised us all when she posted a makeup-free selfie while sick with fever, commenting that it gave her a nice natural flush to the cheeks. Without makeup, the actress is barely recognizable and looks years younger.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has been in the public eye for as long as anyone can remember, and she’s managed to retain her girl-next-door good looks into her 50s.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Pascal Le Segretain | (Right) Instagram // @jenniferaniston

She’s usually notoriously controlling about her public image, so it was surprising that she let her longtime hairstylist and friend Chris McMillan post a makeup-free selfie of the two with the caption, “Best #friends #no makeup #girl-time.” The image-conscious actress, who allegedly spends $8,000 a month on beauty treatments, looks young and radiant with no makeup at all.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress, singer, author, and businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to going makeup-free – and there’s a good reason for that. Her beauty and wellness brand, Goop, produces lots of skincare products, so of course, she wants to represent her own brand well by showing her ageless complexion.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Steve Granitz | (Right) Instagram // @gwynethpaltrow

And we have to say, it looks like Paltrow’s skincare regimen is really working for her. She explains that she doesn’t actually wear makeup often, and that “those makeup-free selfies I occasionally post are…the real everyday me.”

Jessica Biel

One of the most stunning women in Hollywood and the wife of singer Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel is usually seen all glammed up. But she recently shared a no-makeup, no-filter selfie – and it wasn’t just to impress us with her gorgeous natural beauty.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer | (Right) Instagram // @jessicabiel

“Spreading some self-love today with zero filter and zero makeup for my girl @KateUpton. She’s on a mission to encourage everyone to feel strong and love themselves *as they are*… and I’m so honored to help spread that message,” she wrote.

Cameron Diaz

It’s pretty hard to believe that Cameron Diaz is already 47 years old. Diaz still looks natural and radiant, and her makeup-free selfie proves it.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Theo Wargo | (Right) Instagram // @camerondiaz

Now that she’s moved on from acting to becoming an author of two books about the female body and aging, it makes a lot of sense that she regularly posts natural selfies and is vocal about fostering healthy attitudes about aging and beauty. With this selfie, she invited Instagram followers to take their own natural selfies for the jacket of her latest book.


Singer Kesha shocked the internet when she posted her bare freckly face on Instagram. “This year my resolution is to love myself,” she said, “just as I am… imperfect and whatever else. And to let my freckles liiiiiiiive.”

(Left) Getty Images for iHeartMedia // Photo by Michael Loccisano | (Right) Twitter // @KeshaRose

The singer’s face is highly freckled but looks more youthful and glowing than she does without makeup. She explained the reason behind her selfie to Vogue, saying, “I really wanted to make a change — be more raw and real.” Her fans seem to be inspired by her bare-faced approach.

Salma Hayek

This talented beauty is truly blessed with great genes. At 53 years old, Hayek is fond of posting au naturel selfies, where she flaunts her incredible complexion that she claims is completely natural.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Mike Marsland | (Right) Instagram // @salmahayek

In 2017 she claimed that she’s never gotten Botox, fillers, or even a peel. Her skincare regimen is surprisingly simple, too: she only washes her face at night, cleanses with coconut oil, and follows that with rose water and a warm washcloth. The actress is comfortable in her own skin and proudly shows her grey hairs and bare skin.

Heidi Klum

The glamorous supermodel and TV show host is usually seen all glammed up on some red carpet or other. So it was certainly strange to see her with no makeup, but the 45-year old is proving that she can totally pull it off.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Jon Kopaloff | (Right) Instagram // @heidiklum

Her virtually wrinkle-free skin is bright and smooth. Now it’s easy to understand how she recently tied the knot with Tom Kaulitz, a musician 16 years her junior – the woman is proving with this selfie that age is just a number.

Kylie Jenner

As the billionaire founder of her own makeup brand, it’s understandable why Kylie Jenner is expected to look perfectly made-up whenever she makes a public appearance. But it’s when she takes it all off that her natural beauty really gets a chance to shine.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Kevin Mazur | (Right) Instagram // @kylienomakeup

The internet has practically exploded each time Jenner has posted a makeup-free selfie – this is a woman who clearly needs no makeup. But don’t forget that she allegedly had extensive cosmetic procedures done in order to look like this.

Ashley Graham

Plus-size model Ashley Graham lives and breathes body positivity, encouraging women and men to love themselves at any size. So it’s no surprise that she often posts makeup-free selfies like this one.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by George Pimentel | (Right) Instagram // @ashleygraham

As the first size-16 model ever to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, Graham is a model of self-acceptance. When society tells her she’s not good enough, Graham says, “I kind of just give my middle finger to it, like, ‘Guess what? I’m really hot.’” We agree!

Lady Gaga

This Grammy-winning pop star and actress is a real chameleon. Gaga has rocked tons of diverse looks over her career, some of them pretty over-the-top. But when she famously went makeup-free while shooting A Star Is Born, the world saw another side of Gaga that was miles away from her usual statement glam.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Karwai Tang | (Right) Instagram // @ladygaga

When she posted this beautiful makeup-free shot of her getting ready for the Oscars, her fans were raving over how naturally stunning she looked. And we’re sure that 141-year-old Tiffany diamond didn’t hurt.

Kristin Bell

This actress always looks perfectly flawless, whether in full makeup or totally bare-faced. But Kristin Bell is not one for expensive skincare routines; instead, she keeps it very simple.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Michael Kovac | (Right) Instagram // @kristenanniebell

She claims that she doesn’t wash her face in the morning (“I don’t ever want to strip my own natural oils,” she says), uses coconut oil to keep her skin soft, and swears by applying sunscreen every morning to keep her skin in tip-top condition. Judging from her glowing makeup-free selfies, whatever she’s doing is working!

Michelle Pfeiffer

This ageless beauty is already 61 years old, but you wouldn’t guess it by looking at her. Even sans makeup, Pfeiffer glows with skin that looks better than many people half her age.

(Left) FilmMagic // Photo by Taylor Hill | (Right) Instagram // @michellepfeifferofficial

Pfeiffer explains her secret to maintaining a youthful complexion: “Eating a vegan diet — it’s just so much healthier — and you avoid a lot of toxins that could age your skin and your body.” While Pfeiffer acknowledges that it’s about vanity on some level, she’s really doing it to live longer.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is really a trooper. Since her rise to pop stardom in the early 2000s, Britney has grown up – and experienced tons of dramatic life events – in the public eye. So it must be refreshing for her to let her natural beauty shine once in a while.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Steve Granitz | (Right) Instagram // @britneyspears

She joined the #NoMakeupMonday trend on Instagram, where she wrote, “On days where I don’t get primped and made up for my show, this is the real unglammed me… so nice to meet all of you!!”

Cindy Crawford

Former supermodel Cindy Crawford is now in her 60s, but she still looks beautiful and radiant without makeup. Now she has started her own skincare line and has an extensive regimen to maintain her looks.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Pascal Le Segretain | (Right) Instagram // @cindycrawford

But she’s also realistic about her expectations: “There is a lot of pressure on women to, well, not age. Being a model and having your whole career being based on how you look, I am probably even more sensitive to it—but you can’t keep chasing this impossible thing,” she explained in an interview.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is no stranger to the makeup-free selfie. The 44-year-old actress, entrepreneur, and mom has started her own makeup brand, but that doesn’t mean she can’t go makeup-free on occasion.

(Left) Getty Images for the DAILY FRONT ROW // Photo by Jason Kempin | (Right) Instagram // @drewbarrymore

She explains, “I feel confident without makeup cause I wear makeup so much for my job. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, ‘Oh my god,’ but it’s nice to get away from vanity and just be yourself.” Barrymore’s many social media followers always applaud her authenticity.

Tyra Banks

Supermodel, TV personality and entrepreneur Tyra Banks has made a living out of looking good. But she has also jumped onto the makeup-free selfie bandwagon and took the opportunity to make an important point.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Taylor Hill | (Right) Instagram // @tyrabanks

“You know how people say #nofilter but you know there’s a freakin’ filter on their pic? Or maybe there’s a smidge of retouching going on but they’re lying and saying it’s all raw & real? Well, this morn, I decided to give you a taste of the really real me.”

Julianne Hough

It’s quite a shock to see this makeup-free side of Julianne Hough, former star of Dancing With the Stars. We are used to seeing her all glammed up, but the star has admitted that after she finished the show, she decided to step away from the heavy makeup.

(Left) Getty Images for Global Citizen // Photo by Emma McIntyre | (Right) Instagram // @juleshough

“I feel like I did a make-under when I came off of Dancing with the Stars, she said in an interview, adding that now it’s “more about letting my skin show—and breathe.”

Jennifer Garner

This talented 47-year-old actress proved with this selfie that she could be having a rough morning and still look flawless. She chalks up her youthful complexion to staying out of the sun.

(Left) FilmMagic // Photo by Steve Granitz | (Right) Instagram // @jennifer.garner

“I really lucked out because, in my teen years, when my friends were all in West Virginia lying out with baby oil all over their face and bodies, I was in the theater,” recalls Garner. When she does have to go in the sun, she lathers on sunscreen like nobody’s business.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has not only been one of the most popular musicians since the ’90s but she’s also been an absolute style icon. From punk rock chic in her earlier days to glitz and glam now, there’s no doubt that Stefani’s style has evolved over the years.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Taylor Hill | (Right) Instagram // @jgwenstefani

Now 50 years old, Stefani usually rocks a face full of makeup whether she’s on stage or the red carpet. With that being said, it was pretty refreshing to see Stefani’s Instagram post from a vacation she took with hubby, Blake Shelton. In the photo, you can see that Stefani’s face is completely bare and unsurprisingly flawless…

Kaley Cuoco

This Big Bang Theory star stunned the public when photos of her without makeup hit the internet. While she looks beautiful either way, it’s always a shock when you’ve only seen a person in full glam makeup and now they’re barefaced.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez | (Right) Instagram // @kaleycuoco

We think it’s fair to say that this 30-year-old actress is gorgeous in both cosmetics and with no makeup at all. We can’t expect her to be glammed up all the time!

Katy Perry

If you’re someone who dabbles in the world of makeup you may know how long it takes to get ready when trying to look your best. For Katy Perry, her image and looks are constantly changing and evolving. While it’s a surprise to see her without her colorful hair and bold lips, she is beautiful while trying to take it easy at rehearsals as well!

(Left) FilmMagic // Photo by Taylor Hill | (Right) Facebook // Katy Perry

Plus, if our skin looked that good, we don’t think we’d want to cover it in makeup all the time either!

Blake Lively

While this photo was clearly taken at an inopportune moment for this Gossip Girl actress, we think it’s always a nice reminder that behind all the expensive skincare and makeup is a natural, beautiful woman.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Taylor Hill | (Right) Instagram // @blakelively

Everyone has bags and an uneven skin tone, so it’s almost like a reminder to us non-celebrity women that it’s okay to have those things! Even A-list celebrities have bad hair and makeup days, ladies. You’re still beautiful!


This powerhouse singer is often recognized on the red carpet for glamorous makeup looks and bold lips. It’s no surprise that underneath the eyeliner and lipstick is flawless skin and piercing eyes.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Samir Hussein | (Right) Instagram // @adele

It can be scary to show yourself to millions of people without a shred of makeup on your face, but this artist posted her selfie on Instagram and let the world see her in her barefaced glory.

Barbara Bach

This late actress and model is known as one of the most iconic bond girls of all time. She was caught without any makeup leaving the grocery store and it’s safe to say that she is still a beauty without all of it.

(Left) GC Images // Photo by Bauer-Griffin | (Right) WireImage // Photo by Steve Granitz

At 71 years old, it’s clear that this woman still takes care of her skin and health as she glows even without a smidge of cosmetics on her face. This just goes to show that if you’re willing to put in the work to take care of your body it will pay off in the long run.

Fran Drescher

We think everyone is aware of this actress who starred and co-created the TV show The Nanny. From her iconic clothing looks to her stunning makeup this woman clearly influenced a lot of women’s styles!

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Steve Granitz | (Right) Facebook // Fran Drescher

Even now in her 60s, it’s safe to say that this woman is an icon. She posted a close-up selfie of her smiling while barefaced and we think we can all agree that there’s no need for makeup at all. She is gorgeous with and without it.

Heather Locklear

This actress seemingly doesn’t need to wear makeup at all. When this photo of Heather Locklear without any cosmetics was released, people could barely tell the difference. It’s clear that this woman possesses the kind of natural beauty we all hope for.

(Left) Photo by Ventura County Sheriffs Office via Getty Images | (Right) WireImage // Photo by Tibrina Hobson

While she hasn’t been seen in any new projects since her 2017 appearance in Too Close to Home, we hope we’ll be able to see her onscreen again soon.

Amal Clooney

While she’s often recognized for being the wife of American actor George Clooney, we think it’s important to recognize Amal Clooney’s personal achievements as well. She’s a Lebanese-British barrister who specializes in international law and human rights.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Karwai Tang | (Right) GC Images // Photo by SBN // Star Max

This is a woman who is passionate about making a difference in the world and she is an inspiration to women everywhere. Seeing her without makeup makes it apparent that she is not only a law-practicing powerhouse but also a natural beauty.


This renowned drag queen is known as an iconic actor, model, author, television personality, and musician. It’s clear that RuPaul is an idol who has dominated the industry and paved the way for many more LGBTQ+ members.

(Left) Facebook // RuPaul | (Right) FilmMagic // Photo by Bruce Glikas

While it can be a shock to see a person with and without drag makeup on, it’s clear that he rocks both looks with equal grace.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has been seen in the popular TV show Grey’s Anatomy and films such as The Ugly Truth. While it came as a surprise to many that even without makeup her skin is absolutely flawless, it’s obvious that whether she decides to put on cosmetics or not she is stunning.

(Left) Getty Images For CMT // Photo by Michael Loccisano | (Right) Facebook // Katherine Heigl

However, when your skin looks like that, we say go au natural all the time. We know we would!

Gigi Hadid

This model has been gracing our magazine covers and headlines since her debut in New York Fashion Week in 2014. While Gigi Hadid’s beauty is recognized worldwide from her appearances in magazines such as Vogue, it’s apparent that she is just as dazzling without any makeup at all.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Taylor Hill | (Right) Instagram // @gigihadid

While her Instagram is covered in photos of her glammed up to the max, we think it’s fair to say that her barefaced photos are just as striking.

Christina Aguilera

This pop star in her 30s decided to show the world her natural beauty in her 2018 cover shoot with Paper magazine. We love this trend of celebrities showing their beauty in the most natural ways possible.

(Left) FilmMagic // Photo by Steve Granitz | (Right) Instagram // @xtina

It’s common for young women to see these celebrities all dolled up and dream of having even a hint of their looks, so it’s wonderful when celebrities are willing to show a more vulnerable and bare side of themselves to fans. Let’s continue to encourage young women that it’s okay to embrace your most natural self.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

This Victoria’s Secret model is a head-turner, to say the least. Even when Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is not walking the runway, she still is a beauty to be admired. While makeup can change how you are viewed by those around you, we think it’s fair to say that it is not needed on a face as dazzling as hers!

(Left) Corbis via Getty Images // Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis | (Right) Instagram // @rosiehw

Someone, please drop her skincare routine because we’re all begging on our knees here.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has been very upfront about her appreciation for soft makeup looks and wearing natural products on her skin, so it’s no surprise that she is willing to post selfies of herself wearing no cosmetics at all!

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Monica Schipper | (Right) Instagram // @jessicaalba

With her announcement of the company’s relaunch of Honest Beauty, we think it’s safe to say that this actress is a big fan of more upfront and raw makeup products.

Miley Cyrus

Miley’s willingness to go out in public without any makeup or hair prepping is something to be admired. We love that even when dealing with breakouts she isn’t afraid to be seen without any cosmetics on her face.

(Left) FilmMagic // Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin | (Right) GC Images // Photo by Raymond Hall

As someone whose music is directed towards a younger audience, we think it’s very important for her to appear just as normal as the fans who listen to her music. Miley, even without any products on your skin, you still look as lovely as ever!

Kristen Bell

Kristen and her husband Dax Shepherd aren’t afraid to let us glimpse into their marriage and life as parents. So it isn’t a complete surprise to see this mother of 2 daughters posting a barefaced photo when she just wakes up.

(Left) FilmMagic // Photo by Steve Granitz | (Right) Instagram // @kristenanniebell

As a mother, we think she does a great job of teaching her girls that even in the spotlight you have to learn to embrace every aspect of yourself. Great parenting, Kristen!

Chelsea Handler

Although we talk a lot about makeup in this article, I think that it is important to note just how vital skincare really is. Chelsea Handler is proof of that. She spends over $1,000 on one laser treatment for her skin.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Jason Mendez | (Right) Instagram // @chelseahandler

For this star, the price of healthy skin doesn’t come cheap, but it’s an investment she’s willing to make to stay looking bright-eyed with clear skin. When you’re on TV every week, I think it’s paramount to stay on top of your self-care routine so that any blemish isn’t amplified by the bright lights and HD cameras.


A common comment that women get when they’re not wearing any makeup is that they look a lot younger than when they’re wearing cosmetic products. That is definitely the case with this singer.

(Left) Getty Images for NARAS // Photo by Lester Cohen | (Right) Instagram // @lordearchive

Compared to her usual bold lips and eyeliner looks, she looks like a normal teenage girl in this photo. It’s safe to say that even while she does appear younger, she is still absolutely delightful.

Kate Moss

This iconic model sported a rare barefaced look and showed off her scar that is just above her lip! It’s clear from how radiant her skin looks that Kate Moss has been taking care of herself over the years.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Mike Marsland | (Right) Instagram // @voguemagazine

This woman will always have that natural beauty that we all strive for. Keep glowing, Kate. You’re killing this no-makeup look!

Sarah Paulson

While most known for her roles on American Horror Story and The People VS Oj Simpson, Sarah Paulson actress can be seen outside adorning no makeup at all and still look as pretty as ever.

(Left) FilmMagic // Photo by John Nacion | (Right) Instagram // @sarahpaulsbean

Despite seeing her in all sorts of looks, ranging from spooky to a ’90s lawyer, this woman clearly is gorgeous in her own skin. With her short hair and button nose, we think she should go out in public without cosmetics more often!

Olivia Wilde

While this photo isn’t the most flattering in terms of her hair, it’s clear that this actress needs no makeup at all to showcase her beauty.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Taylor Hill | (Right) GC Images // Photo by MEGA

With her clear complexion and her stunning blue eyes, anyone can see that Olivia Wilde is beautiful both with makeup and without it. While she hasn’t been in too many films as of recent, you can hear her voice over a character in the Netflix series Bojack Horseman.

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy regrettably passed in ’94, but she is still seen as one of America’s most beloved sweethearts. She was known for her iconic fashion and her elegance when speaking publicly.

(Top) Getty Images // Photo by Santi Visalli | (Bottom) Getty Images // Photo by Art Zelin

While she is no longer with us, we think we can all agree that whether she was wearing makeup or not she was someone who absolutely glowed when she entered a room.

Melissa Rauch

This Big Bang Theory actress plays Bernadette on the hit TV show. While Melissa Rauch is seen as dorky on the show, I think it’s clear in real life she is breathtaking.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez | (Right) Instagram // @melissarauch

She is nearing her 40s and even without makeup appears to be much younger than that. With her smile and her freckles, we think that this actress needs no makeup at all to amplify how beautiful she is.

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel is often seen sporting a bold red lip that makes her piercing blue eyes pop, so when she posted a barefaced selfie fans were shocked.

(Top) WireImage// Photo by Rodin Eckenroth| (Bottom) Instagram// @zooeydeschanel

She looks so much younger when she is not wearing any makeup at all! Even with her unbrushed hair and pajamas on, it’s clear to us that she is only going to become more elegant with age.

Demi Lovato

This singer/actress is known for her body positivity posts. Demi Lovato is someone who has struggled with her body image since she was a young girl and has since made it her mission to try to inspire her fans to love themselves, as she is learning to do.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Monica Schipper | (Right) Instagram // @haleybucknerbrows

While she has faced her own personal tribulations, including an overdose in 2018, she has always been upfront and personal with her fans.

Kat Dennings

This actress is most known for her work in 2 Broke Girls, and she never wore much makeup in that show to begin with. Therefore, when she was seen walking without any makeup on at all it wasn’t a surprise to fans just how beautiful she is.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix | (Right) Instagram // @katdenningsss

With her plump lips and blue eyes, Kat Dennings is one of those women who turn heads when they walk by, regardless of whether she’s wearing cosmetic products or not.

Princess Beatrice

For this Princess of York, the no-makeup look is something that looks quite fitting. While Princess Beatrice is known for her bold fashion statements, I think her most memorable feature is her emerald green eyes.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Karwai Tang | (Right) GC Images // Photo by Ricky Vigil M // Justin E Palmer

Whether she decides to put on eye makeup or not, her eyes are what you’re immediately drawn to! They’re so big and pigmented that almost any woman would be envious.


As this singer/actress once said, “I woke up like this!” Yes, Beyonce you did and wow, you look absolutely sublime. This mother of three has a clear complexion and stunningly white teeth that leave you dying to know her routine.

(Left) Facebook // Beyoncé | (Right) Instagram // @beyonce

While her red carpet looks are some of the most memorable, we think that we can all agree we wouldn’t mind seeing the natural side of Queen B more often.

Angelina Jolie

This actress, who is known for her plump lips and sensual eyes, can be admired both in glam and without it. We love a woman who embraces her natural appearance and rocks her red carpet looks.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Samir Hussein | (Right) Instagram // @angelinajolie

Some of Angelina Jolie’s most notable works are Maleficent and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, both of which showcase the abundance of makeup looks this woman can pull off. The fact that she still glows without anything is admirable.

Martha Stewart

This businesswoman was caught off guard by the paparazzi while picking up her dry cleaning. While in her mid-70s, it’s clear that Martha Stewart still values looking good and taking care of herself. Her skin is absolutely glowing under the lights of the cameras and we think that she looks breathtaking. Keep killing these paparazzi shots, Martha!

(Left) Getty Images for Netflix // Photo by Arnold Turner | (Right) Instagram // @marthastewart48

Selma Blair

Here is another actress who clearly takes her skincare very seriously. When you’re a single mother who also works to provide for your family you would think that you wouldn’t have time to take care of something like your skin.

(Left) Getty Images // Photo by Frazer Harrison | (Right) Instagram // @selmablair

Selma clearly makes it a priority as she looks radiant without a touch of makeup on her skin. We love that she is showing women around the world that even while parenting can be exhausting, it’s still okay to make time to pamper yourself!

Kate Hudson

This actress is slapping her 40s in the face because even when barefaced she still looks like she could be in her 20s! Whatever this Almost Famous actress is doing is clearly working and we want to know about it!

(Left) Corbis via Getty Images // Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis | (Right) Instagram // @katehudson

Someone get me her publicist on the line because we want to look this good when we’re her age! We think we can all agree she is killing it.

Kristin Cavallari

This actress is almost unrecognizable when sporting no makeup. When Kristin Cavallari is all glammed up she looks like she could be related to the iconic Marilyn Monroe, but without any on at all, she looks like our average woman!

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Steve Granitz | (Right) Instagram // @kristincavallari

Although with her clear complexion and big brown eyes, we think it’s fair to say she is stunningly attractive. We love a star who knows how to rock the red carpet and then tone it down for the day-to-day life.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is one of those actresses who don’t need makeup at all to enhance her face. Although this picture was taken during a moment of sheer exhaustion,  it’s clear that she is still the gorgeous woman we know her to be. Bags or no bags, she is still the blue-eyed beauty we all recognize.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Gregg DeGuire | (Right) Instagram // @misslivalittle

We can’t expect celebrities to look perfect every time they need to step out of the house!

Anne Hathaway

Whether she is playing a single mother in the 1800s or an impressive cat burglar in a leather suit, we think it’s clear Anne Hathaway is one of America’s most beloved actresses.

(Left) WireImage // Photo by Karwai Tang | (Right) Instagram // @annehathaway

When she released this photo of her barefaced and on set for a film everyone was shocked. She is stunning in both makeup and without. We love that for her!

Goldie Hawn

This 74-year-old Academy Award winner is a stunner with and without makeup. While it can be even more polarizing for actresses to go out in public as they get older, we think it’s clear this woman has nothing to worry about. Her skin looks amazing and her teeth are so white!

(Left) FilmMagic // Photo by Steve Granitz | (Right) Instagram // @goldiehawn

If we look this good when we’re in our 70s, we’re not gonna be putting makeup on either. When her barefaced photos were released, this Snatched actress remained unbothered and we aspire to have that level of self-love. Go, Goldie!