James Cameron Advised Ke Huy Quan on How to Survive Awards Season

The star from Everything Everywhere All at Once, Ke Huy Quan, said that Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron gave him great advice on handling his Hollywood comeback and going through the awards season. The actor commented on his encounter with Cameron at the 2023 SAG Awards red-carpet event.

James Cameron Advised Ke Huy Quan On How to Survive Awards SeasonKe Huy Quan Is Resurfacing

Everything Everywhere All at Once certainly put the name Ke Huy Quan back on the map for all audiences, and the actor is now going through the round of awards. At the 2023 SAG Awards, he shared how he got advice from James Cameron on the experience. He also managed to reunite with Steven Spielberg, with whom he worked in the Indiana Jones and Goonies movies, as well as with Encino Man costar Brendan Fraser. The valuable perspective he got from Cameron was the advice not to take the awards too seriously and try to enjoy himself. The actor added that this was exactly what he was doing.

Quan Got Two SAG Awards

After going through almost the entire awards season, Ke Huy Quan is now looking at the final stop which is the Oscars. The actor shared that he didn’t think he’d ever be there with everybody around him, and called the experience incredible. He also stated that it was an incredible year for him, which is understandable considering how he got his first Oscar nomination for his work in Everything Everywhere All at Once. His role in the sci-fi multiverse epic marked his first major performance in a production in about 40 years.

During the various awards shows, Ke Huy Quan grabbed attention with his tendency to take selfies with A-list stars. In recent months, the actor posed with anyone he could, from Tom Cruise to Angela Bassett. So far, he has received awards at the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice Awards, as well as the awards for Best Cast in a Motion Picture and Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role at the SAG Awards. This has cemented him as a front-running contender for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Can Drinking Tart Cherry Juice Solve Sleep Problems?

If you think about it, there is no shortage of relaxing sleep habits. You have probably already tried some of them too. Taking a warm shower, moving your phone out of bed, and turning on some white noise can all help you snooze a little better. However, this TikTok video claims that drinking tart cherry juice can help you fall asleep even quicker.

Can Drinking Tart Cherry Juice Solve a Person’s Sleep Problems?Drinking Tart Cherry Juice?

In the TikTok video that has over 197,000 likes, a user discussed her troubles with sleep. She tried drinking tart cherry juice before bed after viewing another user’s video recommending it. In the video, in which he was astonished by the sourness of the juice, he states that 15 minutes after drinking a cup of it, he felt sleepy. In a follow-up video, he posted that he’s just waking up, after sleeping for six hours. This confirms that the juice was effective and worked.

Some studies indicate the potential sleep-related benefits of tart cherry juice, but they are not recent and had small participant pools. Some of them were also industry-funded. In a 2012 study, though, researchers had 20 participants drink sour cherry juice or a placebo before they ate dinner, for a week. The researchers then noticed that those who had the tart cherry juice had higher amounts of melatonin than those in the placebo group.

An Important Disclaimer

Before you get too excited, think about the following: if a lack of quality sleep is interfering with your capacity to function, get medical advice. Reports show that anyone who consistently gets less than six hours of sleep per night or experiences severe effects from lack of sleep the following day, such as extreme fatigue, sleepiness, mood swings, or other concerning symptoms, should consider undergoing an evaluation by a sleep specialist. In addition, if you are prone to acid reflux that causes heartburn at night, you may want to avoid drinking tart cherry juice, given how acidic it is.