Courteney Cox Adopts the Gen Z Look in an Instagram Post

Not long ago, Courteney Cox posted an Instagram video of herself adopting a stunning Gen Z look. The Friends star jokingly put on a crop top and tied her hair in pigtails, making her look well less than 59 years old. The background song of the post was none other than Sam Smith’s “Unholy.” That’s hardly the first time the superstar posted a funny video of herself on Instagram.

Courteney Cox Adopts a Generation Z Look in an Instagram PostCourteney Cox Looks Stunning as a Gen Zer

We’ll recap the video for you in case you missed it. Initially, Courteney Cox browses her phone to see what the Gen Z look actually is. Then, she decides to try it out on her own. Providing close-up shots of herself putting on makeup, the actress then consults her Gen Z wardrobe, picking a bulky plush zip-up sweater, crop top, and trashed jeans. At the end of the video, the star is interrupted by her boyfriend while taking selfies of herself in the new look.

The last time Courteney Cox went viral for making a funny video of herself was back in September. Back then, the star posted a video of being “heartbroken” after finding out Kanye West wasn’t a fan of the show that propelled her to fame.

What to Expect From the Star Next

Courteney Cox Adopts a Generation Z Look in an Instagram PostStarting her career in the 1980s, Courteney Cox appeared in a number of movies, including Masters of the Universe, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, and Cocoon: The Return (1988). As many know, the turning point in her career was her role in Friends. Coming up, the star is featured in the 2023 movie Scream VI. In it, she partners with stars Jenna Ortega, Melissa Berrera, and Hayden Panettiere.

59-year-old Cox is undoubtedly one of the most successful actresses of the 1990s. And one can’t help but admit that she does look stunning in her Gen Z look, right?!

Men Appreciate These 6 Things a Lot More Than a Declaration of Love

Pleasing a man and a woman are two different things, and there are particulars with each gender that one should acknowledge. Women appreciate certain things more than a man, and here are six examples of things your man will be a lot more grateful for than you saying “I love you” all the time!

Men Appreciate These Six Things a Lot More Than a Declaration of LovePut Down That Phone

When you’re at the dinner table with your man and the phone does not leave your hands, it looks bad. A man will interpret one thing at a time, so you keeping your phone out might send the wrong message. It might show him that he’s not a priority for you. So if you want your man to be grateful, put down the phone and turn your attention to him!

Men Appreciate a Dressed-Up Woman

Who doesn’t enjoy dressing comfortably? Men and women do. However, a man likes a woman who shows him she still cares. Dressing up occasionally will send your man the message that you still care about looking good for him. Men’s brains respond to visual cues more than women’s, so dressing up will show that love!

Make an All-Time Favorite Meal

Everyone knows that a man’s love is through his stomach. So if you want your man to appreciate you, cook his favorite meal now and then. That will show the love you have for him!

Let the Man Choose

When sitting down to watch a movie, don’t just grab the remote and pick something you’ll like. Make your man appreciate you more by handing him the remote and letting him choose the evening’s movie. The same goes for letting him pick the restaurant or what you’ll do on a Sunday afternoon.

Say ‘Thank You’ More Often

Saying thank you to a man for the little things speaks louder to him than declaring your love constantly. The next time he goes to the store or does something around the house without being asked, look him in the eye and say ‘thank you!’

Give Him a Long Hug

Women may connect more on a verbal level, but it’s not the same for a man. A man understands more from the physical touch. So next time he’s leaving the house, don’t just give him a quick peck on the cheek. Go up to him and embrace him for a lengthy hug. He’s sure to love that!

Men appreciate the words ‘I love you’ almost the same as women. But while hearing those words may be enough for a woman, a man might like other things a little more. Show him you love him without actually saying it. It’s the little gestures that count!