Brooklyn Beckham Hits Back at the Trolls Who Criticise His Cooking Videos

Twitter // @BritishVogue

Brooklyn Beckham has been showing off his culinary skills a lot recently, and it seems like he enjoys spending time in the kitchen. His cooking videos on Instagram have been getting a lot of attention and, of course, comments. Unfortunately, not all of those have been positive, and Brookly had something to say to the haters.

Brooklyn Beckham’s Cooking Videos

Trolls all over the Internet have been throwing the term “nepo baby” at Brooklyn Beckham on multiple occasions. However, David and Victoria’s son isn’t bothered at all. He shared that he didn’t mind those comments and that cooking was something he genuinely enjoyed doing. The aspiring chef has shared numerous videos making cheese pasta and pecan pie that go viral every time. He says he puts a lot of effort into them despite having privileges that most people don’t.

Facebook // Victoria Beckham

Brooklyn also encourages the haters to keep writing whatever they want, stating that he’s already used to it. He is focused on doing his thing and improving his cooking skills. He realizes that he has a lot more to learn and admits he’s not a professional cook. But he’s not planning to stop anytime soon and will continue posting.

Brooklyn Facing Criticism

Last year, Brooklyn Beckham was attacked on social media after appearing in a TikTok by Daniel Mac. Mac films videos while approaching luxury car owners and asking them what they do for a living. In this particular video, Beckham answers the question with: “I’m a chef.”

Of course, he’s also the son of a British celebrity couple, but whatever. The public was quick to point out that cooking is just a hobby for Brooklyn and not an actual job, saying things like, “I’m a chef. Okay, Mr. Beckham.” Many were also surprised by how he only had a few videos on his TikTok channel and was already considering himself a chef.

Easy Ways to Stage an Impressive At-Home Brunch at a Reasonable Cost

Brunch with friends is a pleasant event, and the first days of spring are ideal for such gatherings. So, during the ideal time to invite friends over for a leisurely weekend meal while spending time together, anyone can make a special at-home brunch using fresh produce or baked goods. Here are several options to try.

Easy Ways to Stage an Impressive At-Home Brunch at a Reasonable CostAt-Home Brunches Can Be Fun

Creating a DIY yogurt parfait station is a great way to go into brunch. A good way to do it is to put various yogurt flavors, like Greek yogurt varieties in large bowls. Afterward, fill smaller bowls with different mixes, including berries like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, granola, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes. Honey and jam can also be used to add more sweetness. Those can be placed in glass jars and served with small spoons.

Designing a treat board that is worthy of Instagram can be done by following some simple tips. Enthusiasts should select a large cutting board or decorative platter and arrange the biggest items first. There are numerous breakfast sweets and treats available in stores that are both delicious and visually appealing and can be used for that purpose, including croissants. Next, smaller treats such as maple French toast bagel slices, blueberry mini muffins, and mini cream puffs can be added. Finally, the board can be enhanced by adding a sprinkle of colorful berries like raspberries and strawberries, and perhaps even some powdered sugar. While such elaborately styled brunch presentations can be impressive, such a dessert board is actually just as eye-catching and requires less effort.

Sweet and Savory Food Is Great

Making waffles be really interesting as it allows enthusiasts to discover the numerous possibilities of a waffle iron. Brunch provides the perfect opportunity to showcase the versatility of this often-overlooked kitchen appliance. An assortment of both sweet and savory waffle additions can be used, including chocolate chips and berries for sweet options and cheddar shredded cheese for savory ones. The waffles can be displayed on a platter, just like at a restaurant buffet. Guests can then use their creativity to concoct the most innovative waffle creation.

Brunch can be turned into a blending adventure with mix-and-match smoothies. To create an impressive smoothie station, enthusiasts should pour a variety of juices and milk, including regular and dairy-free options, into glass pitchers and arrange them on a long table. Then, the mix-ins should be separated by categories, such as nut and seed butter, frozen fruits like banana, pineapple, and strawberries, and sweeteners like maple syrup and wildflower honey. Finally, there should be plenty of ice available. The blenders should be positioned at the end of the table for the guests to create their custom smoothie blends. Mason jars and colorful paper straws should be there for a truly fun, fruity beverage presentation.