Exploring Anne Hathaway’s Britney-Inspired Double Denim Look

Nobody has made denim look world-class since Britney Spears, but Anne Hathaway has now revived the look. Take a look at the beautiful ensemble Hathway decided to go for.

Anne Hathaway’s Denim on Denim Look

Hathaway made an iconic appearance at the recent 2023 CFDA Fashion Awards with a two-piece denim outfit designed by the one and only Ralph Lauren. The top part was a dark blue buttoned corset, and the look was completed with a long skirt in lighter denim. The ensemble was decorated with floral patterns, too. Elegant, feminine, and unique, this was definitely a look for the red carpet.

Twitter // @AnneeJHathaway

As always, Anne Hathaway was styled by Erin Walsh who definitely loves jewelry; and a simple but beautiful diamond collar necklace complemented her look. The sapphire was matching perfectly with the blue vibes. Hathaway was also wearing diamond bracelets and a sapphire cocktail ring. Her hair fell loosely and naturally.

Everyone Loves Denim

Hathaway is also a huge fan of denim and we’ve seen her rock it before. In October she was spotted wearing a matching trousers and blouse set. Half of each was made of denim, and the other halves were suiting. Check out the denim jacket below for another dose of denim.

Twitter // @AnneeJHathaway

Anne Hathaway is definitely a fashion icon, and how she wears denim is just more proof of that. Let’s face it—you can never go wrong with denim. Unless you’re Justin Timberlake, of course.

The Internet Is Taking Sides in the Matter of Jonas vs. Turner—And, for Once, It’s Right

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Divorce Starts Debates On Social Media
The Internet Is Taking Sides in the Matter of Jonas vs. Turner—And, for Once, It’s Right

One more Hollywood marriage has come to an end. After four years together, Joe Jonas is separating from Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. However, the exact reason behind the decision is yet to be revealed as speculations are floating around. Read on to find out what the internet thinks.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ Divorce

The couple has two small children and has been on the edge of separating a few times throughout the years. Apparently, Joe Jonas has hired Tiger Woods’ divorce attorney and has reportedly had his team start rumors about Sophie Turner being a bad mother. Sources close to the couple say that the singer has tried to save the marriage numerous times, but in the end, filing for divorce was the only thing he could do.

Supposedly Turner’s love for parties clashed against Joe’s stay-at-home persona, causing the rift in their relationship. Sophie’s alleged overpartying seems like an interesting strategy from Jonas’s side. His team claims that Sophie is constantly absent from family duties and she’s not mothering at an acceptable standard.

The Mom-Shaming Culture

We bet you’ve heard of this type of narrative before; a woman is expected to leave behind her own needs and interests to be fully present in her children’s lives at all times. These centuries-old societal expectations are what’s happening to Sophie.

The Mom-Shaming Culture

What happens when women don’t follow every rule society makes for moms? A lot of people think that a woman should be a stay-at-home mom, constantly taking care of her child and husband’s needs. Going on a girls’ night out? Unacceptable! All these motherly expectations only aim to keep women feeling repressed. The mom-shaming culture is indeed a thing nowadays, and it’s getting out of control.

What Does the Internet Think?

The Internet, however, did not disappoint us this time. Seeing Joe’s reported allegations against Sophie Turner, fans have come together to support the actress and defend her.

After Joe announced the divorce on Instagram, the comment section was quick to attack him for his actions. It definitely feels refreshing to see people supporting a woman instead of bashing her and blaming her for the end of the relationship.