Excruciating Condition ‘Misophonia’ Could Destroy Your Relationship

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Have you ever been irked by a partner’s loud chewing or a sibling’s peculiar breathing habits? Nearly one in five adults worldwide experience it, and it is referred to as the “phobia of specific sounds.” Let’s dive into the curious world of misophonia, exploring whether it’s their issue or something you might need to decode within yourself.

Navigating the Impact of Misophonia

Commonly known as sound rage, misophonia is a condition that triggers negative reactions to various sounds, ranging from chewing and swallowing to sniffing and slurping. It goes beyond mere annoyance, evoking a fight-or-flight response that sparks the urge to escape and a surge of anger. As a genuine disorder, it has the potential to significantly impact one’s ability to navigate social settings.

Dr. Jane Gregory, a clinical psychologist at the University of Oxford, sheds light on misophonia as “decreased tolerance to certain sounds.” Collaborating on an upcoming scientific paper from King’s College London, she reveals that a staggering 18% of adults in the UK grapple with this condition. Dr. Gregory emphasizes that sound triggers are typically repetitive and not necessarily tied to volume or acoustic patterns.

How to Cope

Interestingly, it’s the representation of the sound to the individual that matters. Eating sounds top the list of reported annoying sounds, closely followed by throat sounds. Despite these statistics, only 14% of the UK’s population is aware of misophonia, a fact Dr. Gregory attributes to the difficulty of discussing it with loved ones.

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Misophonia is a serious matter, with Dr. Gregory citing instances where relationships ended or individuals moved multiple times to escape triggering neighbors. To cope, the specialist suggests practical strategies such as introducing background noise, taking breaks to focus on deep breaths, and diverting attention from the noise. She even recommends employing cognitive-behavioral therapy by sticking it out and reminding oneself why they appreciate or love the person despite the challenges posed by misophonia.

Plazacore Is a Preppy New Trend That’s Only Growing in Popularity

It can be said that during the past couple of years, TikTok has exerted more influence on the fashion zeitgeist than many runways, and that is even more true when talking about niche trends. A case in point is Plazacore, the preppiest new trend. It is inspired by the iconic children’s book character Eloise.

Plazacore Is the Preppiest New Trend and Is Only Growing In Popularity
Plazacore Is a Preppy New Trend That’s Only Growing in Popularity

The Preppiest New Trend

The aesthetic of Plazacore is unique on its own but is often affected by the environment. Considering that it combines many different accessories with Upper East Side fashion, this look and vibe can easily be applied at many locations like hotel lobbies and classy establishments. It’s a style that’s all about taking classic pieces and giving them a modern twist with unexpected accessories. It is a way to make a statement and show off creativity while still staying true to traditional fashion. Plazacore offers a unique combination of elegance and edginess and is a versatile style that can be adapted to fit most occasions.

Plazacore Is Truly Versatile

Plazacore Is a Preppy New Trend That’s Only Growing in Popularity

Eloise is a character that lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York and is iconic for her classic silhouettes, tons of tweed, headbands, and hair bows. It’s as if Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is once again the queen of the Upper East Side, but with a more updated wardrobe that still manages to be preppy. Even people who were not Gossip Girl fans when the show was airing over 15 years ago consider the latest trend to be great for their apparel.

People who want to lean into Plazacore for the season range from TikTok influencers to regular people just channeling Eloise. Fortunately for admirers of the trend, the big fashion brands and designers are certainly noticing and no doubt preparing to accommodate them. So anyone who wants to enjoy this trend is free to raid an old closet for vintage tweed and pearls and embrace accessories like the Peter Pan collar.