5 Ways to Style Bangs That Suit Different Face Types

Instagram // @priyankachopra

If you’re one of those people who like to start every new year with a fresh haircut, it’s time you finally consider getting bangs. Regardless of your face shape, there are various looks you can try out. In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 ways you can style bangs and kick-start your 2024.

Long Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs look good on pretty much every face shape as they are quite long, and you can get them to fall on the parts of your face you want to highlight. They can reach the corners of your mouth and accentuate your lips, just like Priyanka Chopra. If your cheekbones are your favorite feature, you can cut your bangs accordingly.

The best thing about curtain bangs is that they serve as a frame for your face and highlight its shape. They will work best if your hair is on the wavier side, but you can always get that bouncy look with a round brush while blowdrying.

Loose Wispy Bangs

Loose, wispy bangs are currently super fashionable as they are easy to grow out, look effortless, and only reveal a small part of your forehead. Over the years, we’ve seen stars like Nina Dobrev, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez own the look.

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The only downside of this type of style is that they can easily become greasy. What you do is spray your hair with dry shampoo right after washing it. Wispy bags are suitable for almost any hair texture and help soften your facial features.

Short Baby Bangs

The name says it all, but baby bangs are a shorter version of the wispy ones. This style will be perfect if you want your eyebrows to be visible, just like Nicola Peltz Beckham, who has embraced the look, wearing her mini bangs so short that her eyebrows are visible.

Instagram // @nicolaannepeltzbeckham

One thing you should remember is that the bangs must look soft and not harshly cut. People with smaller faces would suit this hairstyle the best.

Go Big With Full Bangs

Whenever full bangs are mentioned, there’s one particular name that pops into everyone’s heads: Taylor Swift. The singer is known for her wide and straight fringe, which has already become her trademark.

X (Twitter) // @4k_taylorr

If you have a higher forehead, full bangs can help visually shorten it. However, if your face is on the smaller side, we recommend considering a different hairstyle.

Side-Swept Bangs

If you want to look as if you’re one of those commercials where your hair effortlessly blows the wind, side-swept bangs are the way to go.

Instagram // @lilyjcollins

Plus, they are a great option if you’re trying to grow out your bangs and don’t want them falling into your eyes all the time. Simply spray some hairspray to hold them, and they’ll stay in place all day.

A Boyfriend Basket Might Save You From a Lot of Mess in the Future

Most of the time, boyfriends can be very messy, and that’s not pleasing to any girlfriend. No one enjoys picking up after someone and discarding their items on the floors, counters, or just in a random spot. Most women like their homes to be organized and neat, and a boyfriend using everything as storage and counter space might cause a rift. Girlfriends should start thinking about how to get everything put away neatly. That’s why you need a boyfriend basket!

A Boyfriend Basket Might Save a Lot of Mess in the FutureTry a Hanging Laundry Bag

If a partner is present in someone’s home, that person knows the struggle of something always missing because the boyfriend has carelessly tossed it on the floor. For those people, there is a simple solution. Put a hanging laundry bag on the door and put all the loose clothing items in there. You’ll save countless search parties, and your boyfriend will know where everything is!

Catchall Table Tray

If someone in the home constantly leaves keys, money, cards, and whatnot all over the coffee table or everywhere else, there is a trick to holding everything in one place, and organizing it, and nothing will ever get lost. It’s not a basket, per se, but a tray! A catchall table tray that you can put on any surface will become your boyfriend’s new at-home wallet.

Give the Belly Basket a Go

A belly-shaped woven container is a great way to decorate and keep loose items in one place and safe. It’s not meant just for plants! No one will be able to tell what’s inside, and whatever your boyfriend leaves discarded around the house will be in one place, so he knows where to look. Both of you will appreciate such a beautiful container because it will serve every purpose needed.

From now on, when you want your boyfriend’s loose items to be stored somewhere neat and compact, you can try these basket ideas. Decorate your home in a fancy way and tell the guy where he may find left-behind sunglasses or a missing sock.