Plazacore Is a Preppy New Trend That’s Only Growing in Popularity

It can be said that during the past couple of years, TikTok has exerted more influence on the fashion zeitgeist than many runways, and that is even more true when talking about niche trends. A case in point is Plazacore, the preppiest new trend. It is inspired by the iconic children’s book character Eloise.

Plazacore Is the Preppiest New Trend and Is Only Growing In Popularity
Plazacore Is a Preppy New Trend That’s Only Growing in Popularity

The Preppiest New Trend

The aesthetic of Plazacore is unique on its own but is often affected by the environment. Considering that it combines many different accessories with Upper East Side fashion, this look and vibe can easily be applied at many locations like hotel lobbies and classy establishments. It’s a style that’s all about taking classic pieces and giving them a modern twist with unexpected accessories. It is a way to make a statement and show off creativity while still staying true to traditional fashion. Plazacore offers a unique combination of elegance and edginess and is a versatile style that can be adapted to fit most occasions.

Plazacore Is Truly Versatile

Plazacore Is a Preppy New Trend That’s Only Growing in Popularity

Eloise is a character that lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York and is iconic for her classic silhouettes, tons of tweed, headbands, and hair bows. It’s as if Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is once again the queen of the Upper East Side, but with a more updated wardrobe that still manages to be preppy. Even people who were not Gossip Girl fans when the show was airing over 15 years ago consider the latest trend to be great for their apparel.

People who want to lean into Plazacore for the season range from TikTok influencers to regular people just channeling Eloise. Fortunately for admirers of the trend, the big fashion brands and designers are certainly noticing and no doubt preparing to accommodate them. So anyone who wants to enjoy this trend is free to raid an old closet for vintage tweed and pearls and embrace accessories like the Peter Pan collar.

The Perfect Nail Polish Colors to Wear in Spring

Some nail polish colors go with every season, and certain people who are into fashion and trends follow everything as closely as possible. Since winter is leaving and springtime is upon us, wouldn’t everyone want to try some new colors and stun the crowd? Some suggested colors will look a lot better on your nails for the spring. Try them out and see how you like them!

The Perfect Nail Polish Colors to Match the Upcoming SpringHow About Tangerine Nails?

It might sound strange, but this tangerine nail polish color has a specific way of making your nails stand out and pop against your skin. The color is the perfect combination of classy and fun. It has that springtime glow and certainly puts a fun twist on your nails! Instead of keeping them a primary color, try some tangerine orange and see how it works with your skin tone and style.

Classic Red Nail Polish

You can never go wrong with a classic nail color, and this red color has always been one of those. It’s elegant but has a strange way of fitting in with every season and making it work. It’s one of those elegant colors that one should always have in their drawer. This spring, whip out your bottle of red color and splash your nails with it – be classy, fun, and trendy!

Pine Green – Connected With Nature

What’s better than feeling connected to nature, especially when spring is on the horizon and everything around you blooms and comes out of winter hibernation? It’s beautiful to match that energy with the clothes and the color you choose for your nails. How about trying pine green or forest green, as it’s sometimes called? It doesn’t matter what you call it – it looks fantastic either way!

If you’ve already tried these nail polish colors, you could always make some changes. This spring, try plum, sheer glass, and even watercolor burgundy. These are all great colors to welcome warmer days!