Has Hailey Bieber Just Revived Logomania?

Being the trendsetter she is, Hailey Bieber was recently seen in a plain white T-shirt with a giant Calvin Klein logo on it. Which begs the question: is logomania back? It’s a minimalist but trendy look, for sure.

The New Look

Hailey Bieber was recently out on a walk with her husband and wore a cropped white Calvin Klein T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves, plus baggy pants and heeled cowboy boots, a monogram “B” necklace, and a black shoulder bag.

Twitter // @TeenVogue

This definitely isn’t the first time we’ve seen Hailey Bieber rocking a CK piece of clothing. She and Justin did multiple commercials and print ads for the brand.

The Calvin Klein Muse

But it’s a return to form for Ms. Bieber, who has been recently promoting mainly her Rhode skin care and partners Fila and YSL. Who knows? Maybe her love for Calvin Klein is finally back, or she’s just gone for a simple, comfy shirt. Or, she’s reigniting a pro-logo look for the fall season.

Twitter // @HaileyBieberCR

Hailey Bieber is already leaning toward fall fashion items, judging by the boots. First, she gave out major Gilmore Girls vibes wearing a plaid skirt and holding a large cup of coffee! One thing’s for sure, she’s definitely friendlier than Rory!