These Are the 2024 Fashion Trends You Should Know (and Shop) Now

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We’re already noticing the 2024 fashion trends, from runway shows to red-carpet events. New year, new wardrobe. As quiet luxury took over in 2023, we bet you can’t wait to see what the new year has to offer so far. Here’s what the newest fashion trends look like.

2024 Fashion Predictions

Fashion experts are certain that the “quiet luxury” trend will be here for a while. However, timeless pieces are always a better investment as you don’t want to take any risk. In 2024, we’ll see more and more secondhand looks, and some retro pieces are also said to make a comeback. Here’s what else you can expect.

Feminine, Shiny, and “School” Looks

Girly and feminine fashion will be trendy again! From flower accessories to ribbons and ruffles, we can easily call 2024 girlcore. Sequins and paillettes are also about to make a comeback, not just for parties but in our everyday lives. You’ll definitely make a statement wearing a shiny skirt to the office!

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Who says school uniforms aren’t trendy? More and more brands are featuring athletic or uniform-esque pieces in their collections. Styling a polo shirt with an academic blazer and mini skirt is a big yes.

Simplistic and Baggy Looks

There’s nothing better than feeling both comfy and fashionable. The ’80s and ’90s simplistic looks will return soon with the loose shirts and relaxed jeans we all know and love.

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Similarly, massive bags look incredibly stylish, which is why brands like Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham have added them to their spring collections. Oversized bags are great and so much more useful than tiny purses!

Sea Motifs and Green Hues

Channel your inner mermaid with a sea-inspired dress or tracksuit. They stand out, look unique, and will definitely make a statement.

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2024 will also be the year of natural green shades! Reds might have been the trend for ending 2023, but we’ll move onto the opposite side of the color wheel soon.

Retro Looks and Kitten Heels

Retro fashion is back, and it looks better than ever. Oversized shades and blazers are only a few staples you should stack up on in your wardrobe. Throwback looks are always in!

Kitten heels might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re comfortable and stand out wherever you are. Plus, they come in so many different styles and shapes that you can pair them with almost any piece of clothing.

More People Than Ever Experiencing ‘FOBO’ With the Rise of Generative AI

More People Than Ever Experiencing ‘FOBO’ With the Rise of Generative AI

Unlike FOMO, which describes the fear of missing out, the new FOBO term is used around the workplace. But what is it? It means fear of becoming obsolete and describes the feeling people get when they are concerned their role may be obsolete soon due to new technologies like AI—with a reported 300,000,000 (three hundred million) jobs at risk of being replaced by similar, automated roles.

FOBO Is Becoming Relevant

A recent survey has shown that 22% percent of US workers now experience FOBO, a seven percent increase since 2021. Apparently, this number used to always be around 13% to 17%, with the increase driven by people with higher education qualifications including degrees, masters, and PhDs— who are more threatened than ever by the rise of AI.

While generative AI certainly is something new that can potentially displace people from their jobs, there are things people can try to fight FOBO. According to experts, these include working on new skills or improving old ones in order to get fresh career development opportunities. Some people have tried attending courses to get new skills, while others use online resources to learn and enrich their CV.

Developing New Skills Is Crucial

Developing New Skills Is Crucial

Another way to combat the fear of becoming obsolete is to get out there and build more relationships with colleagues and industry specialists who can become important connections for future career development. After all, staying on top of the latest trends in an industry and having valuable skills is definitely something employers will always value.

While some worry about AI and what is to come, others like to remind people that this new artificial intelligence is nothing more than a tool, and a tool always needs an operator. So, some advise those who experience FOBO to embrace new technology and learn to use it in order to get over their fear.