Treats and Good Practices That Can Boost Thyroid Function

People who feel fatigued or experience weight gain could consider the thyroid to be the culprit. The thyroid is located in the front of the neck and plays a role in bodily functions like metabolism, energy levels, mood, digestion, and brain function. It can be stimulated with food and especially certain beneficial treats.

Treats Can Boost Thyroid Function

Treats and Good Practices That Can Boost Thyroid Function
Treats Can Boost Thyroid Function

Despite the significance of the thyroid, many people go through life without giving it much thought. Research has shown that optimizing thyroid function can significantly increase fat burning. The good news is that anyone can give their hardworking thyroid the nourishment it needs through some enjoyable activities and healthy treats.

Dairy treats like milk and yogurt are iodine-rich and provide a rich source of the mineral, which is also essential for thyroid function. Just two servings of dairy per day can supply the recommended 150 mcg of iodine. Japanese research has demonstrated that adequate iodine levels can enhance thyroid function by 35%.

Selenium-rich tuna is the best tuna for the thyroid because it can boost its function. Yellowfin tuna contains 63% more selenium per serving than albacore tuna. Selenium is crucial for converting thyroid hormone into its active form, which promotes energy. Italian researchers discovered that individuals with sluggish thyroids normalized their thyroid function within 16 weeks after increasing their selenium levels.

Activity and Relaxation Are Crucial

Getting quality sleep is crucial for maintaining optimal thyroid function. A simple way to improve one’s sleep quality is with tart cherry juice. Sound sleepers are 69% less likely to experience thyroid slowdowns than those who struggle with sleep. Drinking 4 ounces of tart cherry juice before bed can help improve sleep due to its melatonin content. Researchers at Louisiana State University found that individuals who consumed tart cherry juice before bed increased their sleep duration by 84% within two weeks.

Food treats are not everything, though. Engaging in relaxing activities and taking time off is crucial for reducing stress and improving thyroid function. Reading a captivating book or enjoying hobbies for as little as 10 minutes can enhance thyroid function by up to 45% over a 12-week period, according to Indian research. Relaxing pursuits help lower cortisol, the stress hormone that can negatively impact the thyroid.

Activity and Relaxation Are Crucial

Spending time outdoors is an easy way to get vitamin D which also affects thyroid function. Canadian research suggests that up to 91% of women may have insufficient levels of vitamin D. Exposing the skin to sunlight increases vitamin D levels but should be done responsibly. Waiting for 30 minutes before showering allows the skin oils involved in vitamin D production to complete the process.

Engaging in gentle activities can be just as rewarding as practicing intense ones. Low-impact activities such as swimming, bicycling, or working in the yard can boost thyroid function by as much as 76% within 12 weeks, according to a study in the Archives of Medicine and Health Sciences.

By incorporating informed food choices and simple lifestyle changes like those above, anyone can nourish their thyroid and promote their better physical state. A healthy thyroid means improved energy, mood, metabolism, and more, so taking care of it and the entire body is a good goal to aim at for anyone looking to boost their lifestyle.

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