Keep These Safety Tips in Mind While Running in the Dark This Winter

People who like running and getting exercise don’t stop just because it’s winter or nighttime. They run all the time, whenever they can. But running alone in the dark in winter has its dangers, and one must keep that in mind. If you want to get your workout in and are avid on doing it no matter the season or time of day, keep some safety tips in mind. You’ll have an enjoyable run and still protect yourself!

Keep These Safety Tips in Mind While Running in the Dark in WinterMake Sure to Have Light

Having a light source during your winter nighttime run is pertinent to protecting yourself from all sorts of dangers. It won’t be enough to wear a bright color when it’s dark out or winter when visibility is questionable. Keep safety in mind, and make sure you grab a headlight or some reflective kit so you can be visible from afar.

Listen Closely to Your Surroundings

Keeping your safety in mind, go beyond simply taking your earbuds out and running without them. Make sure to have a whistle on your wrist or around your neck. If you feel you’re in danger, you can signal to others that may be around. Even download a safety app with a panic button and emergency contacts if necessary. Listen closely to what’s happening around you, and make sure you can call out for help in some way if you need to.

Run With Others

You might be the kind of person who enjoys going on runs alone, but you should try and avoid that when it’s winter and dark out. Why not have a friend or two tag along? That way, you’ll have someone to talk to and feel safer running in a group rather than alone. Also, it’s a good idea to make sure someone knows where you’re heading, so share your running plans with a close friend or family member to be on the safe side.

There’s Safety in Keeping Steady

You don’t have to stop running altogether, just be smart about it. Running in colder temperatures at fast speeds exerts a lot of energy, which means you’ll be too tired to defend yourself if it comes to it. Enjoy a steadier pace. That will also help you see dangers like ice, puddles, or anything else, ahead of time.

Have your exercise, and do your daily run but keep your safety in mind at all times. Do what you can to make sure you’re protected and can fully enjoy your run, even if you’re alone in the dark in wintertime.

James Cameron Advised Ke Huy Quan on How to Survive Awards Season

The star from Everything Everywhere All at Once, Ke Huy Quan, said that Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron gave him great advice on handling his Hollywood comeback and going through the awards season. The actor commented on his encounter with Cameron at the 2023 SAG Awards red-carpet event.

James Cameron Advised Ke Huy Quan On How to Survive Awards SeasonKe Huy Quan Is Resurfacing

Everything Everywhere All at Once certainly put the name Ke Huy Quan back on the map for all audiences, and the actor is now going through the round of awards. At the 2023 SAG Awards, he shared how he got advice from James Cameron on the experience. He also managed to reunite with Steven Spielberg, with whom he worked in the Indiana Jones and Goonies movies, as well as with Encino Man costar Brendan Fraser. The valuable perspective he got from Cameron was the advice not to take the awards too seriously and try to enjoy himself. The actor added that this was exactly what he was doing.

Quan Got Two SAG Awards

After going through almost the entire awards season, Ke Huy Quan is now looking at the final stop which is the Oscars. The actor shared that he didn’t think he’d ever be there with everybody around him, and called the experience incredible. He also stated that it was an incredible year for him, which is understandable considering how he got his first Oscar nomination for his work in Everything Everywhere All at Once. His role in the sci-fi multiverse epic marked his first major performance in a production in about 40 years.

During the various awards shows, Ke Huy Quan grabbed attention with his tendency to take selfies with A-list stars. In recent months, the actor posed with anyone he could, from Tom Cruise to Angela Bassett. So far, he has received awards at the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice Awards, as well as the awards for Best Cast in a Motion Picture and Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role at the SAG Awards. This has cemented him as a front-running contender for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.