How to Keep Your Friendships Strong — Even When Life Is Hectic

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The older we get, the harder it is to keep up with our friendships. Our personal lives get busier and busier by the day, and finding time to meet up with friends friends isn’t easy. If you’ve ever felt that way, you’re not alone. Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you maintain those friendships.

Focus on the Closest Friendships

Think about your closest four to five friendships and focus on strengthening them. We all have that small circle of friends we see more regularly, and it’s better to work on it instead of trying to keep in touch with 50 other people you only see every once in a while.

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Think about who you’d call if you’re in trouble and keep those friends close. Even if you’re an introvert, keeping a small circle of one or two friends is still perfect. When it comes to friendships, everyone is looking for different things. But the most important ones are emotional intimacy, a healthy bond, and mutual communication.

Consistency Is Key

Keeping your connections consistent is another aspect of healthy friendships. It doesn’t mean talking on the phone or seeing each other every day. If you and your friends prefer to hang out at different times of the day or week, you can always come up with a solution together.

For example, if one of you wants to get together twice a week but the rest are way too busy, you can establish a “catch-up” date. Whether it happens in person, over the phone, or in Zoom, this is a great way to keep the friendship going strong. It also shows that you care about each other and are ready to make compromises.

Create New Memories and Show Appreciation

Sometimes, coffee and brunch dates are not enough. Friendships always get stronger when you go through new adventures together. Whether it’s organizing a group trip, baking something together, or simply gathering to watch your favorite show, it all shows that you care about your friendship.

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Make sure to let your friends know that you appreciate them every chance you get. There’s no better feeling than hearing a few nice words from someone close to you. If you’ve chosen these people to be in your circle, that means there are things you love about them. Whether it’s their sense of humor, kindness, or intelligence, a little compliment always goes a long way.