Try Impressing With ‘Humorbragging’ at Your Next Job Interview

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There are many ways of impressing a potential employer, but have you ever considered cracking a few jokes? If you have a job interview scheduled, you can use this method to increase your chances. No matter how serious the questions are, you can mix in some “humor bragging” that will set you apart.

How to Ensure a Successful Interview

The point of “humor bragging” is using your sense of humor without being rude or arrogant. During the interview, it’s crucial to show you have skills and knowledge, but you can also be fun and easy-going. Humor is always a good strategy that will instantly make people like you. If you’re competent but also funny, you’ll have more chances of being hired.

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When writing your resume, it’s vital to list your qualities first. However, you can always add something extra at the end that will make the employer like you. Something like “I can turn caffeine input into productivity output” will not only show how dedicated you are but also demonstrate your laid-back personality. If the company is reviewing someone with the same qualifications, rest assured that they’ll be more interested in you.

Don’t Rely on Humor Only

Sense of humor is a powerful tool, but you shouldn’t rely solely on it as it might have the opposite effect. Keep in mind that the interviewer might also have their methods and surprise you. Did you know that Steve Jobs used to take Apple applicants out for a drink? This way, they would relax and give more honest answers.

One employer even used a chair where one of the legs was shorter than the others. They wanted to see if the applicant would have the courage to ask for a different chair during the interview. In short, both sides might have their tricks, but adding some innocent jokes to the mix is never a bad idea.

Ryan Reynolds Posted an Unexpected Birthday Tribute to Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds, at the age of 46, deviated from his usual snarky social media persona to deliver a heartfelt tribute to his spouse, Blake Lively, on her 36th birthday. In a departure from his customary humorous jabs at his wife of nearly 11 years, he shared a series of photos of Lively, including numerous charming couple selfies, along with a sincere caption.

Ryan Reynolds With a Real Tribute

Ryan Reynolds With a Real Tribute

In one of the images, the mother of four was depicted donning a sheer lace minidress paired with a black bandeau top, suggesting a romantic beachside date night. Ryan Reynolds altered his tone to express that the only thing irrevocably “his” in the world was the love, appreciation, and awe he felt for his wife. He added that witnessing her life was something he couldn’t take for granted if he tried. He wished her a happy birthday and remarked that she was amazing.

In stark contrast to their past social media exchanges, particularly on their respective birthdays, fans were taken aback by the unusually genuine sentiment of Reynolds’s post. One fan reacted to the post with surprise, commenting that Reynolds might not have been well when he posted actual normal pictures.

The Lively and Reynolds Instagram Truce

This response likely alludes to a previous incident in 2017 when Ryan Reynolds cropped Lively out of her own birthday photo, prompting Lively to retaliate by sharing a photo of Ryan Gosling, a popular actor, on her husband’s birthday a few months later. The following year, Reynolds posted a series of photos capturing Lively’s surprised expressions.

The Lively and Reynolds Instagram Truce

In September 2020, after failing to post anything on Lively’s birthday, Reynolds posted a birthday tribute to his dog, which drew a playful response from Lively, who joked in the comments, “This is almost as sweet as the birthday post you did for me this year.”

Reynolds’s recent, unexpectedly sweet post stands in stark contrast to his usual online persona, prompting playful concern from his Instagram followers. One fan suggested humorously that Ryan was probably being forced to be nice by Blake because there was no other explanation, while another questioned if his account was hacked.

The duration of this unexpected Instagram truce remains uncertain, leaving fans curious about how Blake Lively will respond when Ryan Reynolds’s birthday arrives on October 23rd.