What to Do When You’re Bummed That You Can’t Work Out for a While

Losing the motivation to work out is normal. Anyone who incorporates a little movement in their daily lives can sometimes feel like they don’t want to go through the whole thing. As with anything else in life, however, perseverance is the key to success. So, if you’re struggling to keep your spirits high and ready for the next workout, here’s what you can do about it.

No Work Out Motivation? Here’s How to Solve the ProblemTo Work Out Doesn’t Mean to Be Positive

The most important thing to keep in mind is that working out isn’t connected to staying positive. Not at all. We, as humans, experience countless kinds of emotions every single day. So, why should it be any different when you work out?

Allow yourself to feel stressed, sad, or even angry, and try to turn this emotion into something positive. Many people admit they feel less anxious post-workout, and there’s a good reason for it. During a workout, your brain releases all sorts of chemicals that can help you cope with overwhelming emotions.

Acceptance Is the Key to Success

If you’re feeling bummed out and don’t want to work out for a while, that’s okay. Many experts advise that accepting one’s current situation is a much better-coping strategy than trying to fight it. To illustrate with an example, if you’re recovering from an injury and can’t do the same movements you used to, just accept it. The body changes over time, but trying to fight this process will only bring anxiety.

If you try to shift your perspective and look on the bright side, you’ll quickly notice that you’re no longer feeling as bummed out as you used to. Before long, who knows, you might even start to work out again!

Focus on Your Movement Capabilities

Even if you’re not feeling like working out right now, you can still focus on what you can do movement-wise. There’s always a way to incorporate some kind of movement into your daily routine. Don’t think that only working out will make you feel better because that’s far from the truth,

In fact, almost every kind of movement can make you feel better. So, it’s a good strategy to try and expand your perception of what’s useful for your body. When in no mood to work out, you can always take a walk or try a yoga routine. You might be surprised how good it can make you feel.

So, losing the motivation to work out or being unable to do it due to an injury or illness doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to exercise. Try and stay positive. Before long, you’ll be your old self or an even better, improved version of yourself!

Courteney Cox Adopts the Gen Z Look in an Instagram Post

Not long ago, Courteney Cox posted an Instagram video of herself adopting a stunning Gen Z look. The Friends star jokingly put on a crop top and tied her hair in pigtails, making her look well less than 59 years old. The background song of the post was none other than Sam Smith’s “Unholy.” That’s hardly the first time the superstar posted a funny video of herself on Instagram.

Courteney Cox Adopts a Generation Z Look in an Instagram PostCourteney Cox Looks Stunning as a Gen Zer

We’ll recap the video for you in case you missed it. Initially, Courteney Cox browses her phone to see what the Gen Z look actually is. Then, she decides to try it out on her own. Providing close-up shots of herself putting on makeup, the actress then consults her Gen Z wardrobe, picking a bulky plush zip-up sweater, crop top, and trashed jeans. At the end of the video, the star is interrupted by her boyfriend while taking selfies of herself in the new look.

The last time Courteney Cox went viral for making a funny video of herself was back in September. Back then, the star posted a video of being “heartbroken” after finding out Kanye West wasn’t a fan of the show that propelled her to fame.

What to Expect From the Star Next

Courteney Cox Adopts a Generation Z Look in an Instagram PostStarting her career in the 1980s, Courteney Cox appeared in a number of movies, including Masters of the Universe, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, and Cocoon: The Return (1988). As many know, the turning point in her career was her role in Friends. Coming up, the star is featured in the 2023 movie Scream VI. In it, she partners with stars Jenna Ortega, Melissa Berrera, and Hayden Panettiere.

59-year-old Cox is undoubtedly one of the most successful actresses of the 1990s. And one can’t help but admit that she does look stunning in her Gen Z look, right?!