Dentist Ends Age-Old Debate About if People Should Brush Teeth Before or After Breakfast

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Certain topics in life always start an argument, and one of them is whether you should brush your teeth before you have breakfast or after. We all know that brushing in the morning is important, but what’s best when it comes to timing? Dr. Lawrence Smith, a dentist in the United Kingdom, is here to settle the debate.

Teeth and Treats

Certain times of the year mean eating candy and sweet foods more often than normal, and Dr. Smith says that you should eat them right after a meal instead of throughout the day. That’s because sugar causes more acid, which can result in tooth decay.

If you’re eating sugary things throughout the day, the sugar is hanging around constantly and your saliva has a harder time dealing with it, which can cause cavities. It seems that people who have dessert right after eating are onto something!

The Best Time to Brush

The same goes for sugary sodas. They’ve got something called carbonic acid, which can weaken your enamel over time and cause problems. There’s really no ideal time to drink them. But when is the ideal time to brush your teeth in the morning?

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It turns out that it’s best to brush after eating your breakfast! In fact, you shouldn’t even brush immediately, but rather should wait 30 minutes so that your saliva can rebalance its pH levels. Brushing before breakfast may make the enamel weaker, which means sugary or acidic foods can have an even stronger effect and cause more damage. Brushing after eating makes sense anyway because you want to remove any leftover food bits hanging out near your teeth. So next time you go to reach for your toothbrush as soon as you get out of bed, think again!

Anne Hathaway’s Latest Stunning Red Carpet Gown Has a Hilarious Inspiration

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Anne Hathaway is a Valentino girl through and through. In 2021, she married Adam Shulman in a stunning Valentino bridal gown. Yet the inspiration for her dress at the 2023 British Fashion Awards may surprise you, as it’s very food-inspired!

Anne Hathaway’s Vintage Valentino Dress

Many of Anne Hathaway’s looks over the years have been from Valentino’s fashion house, and she’s never been afraid of trying new things. Since designer Valentino Garavani was honored at the 2023 British Fashion Awards, the actress decided to bring us back in time with a delicate gown from the Roman house’s spring/summer 1993 collection. If you look closely, the dress will remind you of everyone’s favorite Italian dish.

Giancarlo Giammetti, Valentino’s partner, admitted that the gown was indeed inspired by spaghetti. Anne Hathway, on the other hand, joked that she had always dreamed of being pasta. Valentino’s iconic gowns have been very well-known and loved among Hollywood stars. Gwyneth Paltrow also arrived at the Fashion Awards in a bright red gown from the brand’s autumn/winter 1965 collection.

Valentino’s Iconic Looks

The 91-year-old designer was honored for his achievements in the fashion industry. In addition to the award, he was surprised with a fashion show that featured 24 of his most iconic red dresses. He and his partner stepped away from the label in 2008. The brand’s current creative director is Pierpaolo Piccioli.

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Giancarlo Giammetti, who accepted the award on behalf of his partner, spoke great words of Valentino, mentioning his perfectionism and talent. The designer’s contribution to fashion is unmatched, and it’s clear why so many people fall in love with his designs. Anne Hathaway’s pasta dress is just another example of how iconic Valentino really is.